Emilia Clarke Shares Hilarious Proof That Jon Snow Really Is A Dragon

Emilia Clarke just showed the Game of Thrones producers how they can save a lot of money on bringing dragons to life: Just let Kit Harington play the magnificent beasts.

Emilia Clarke agrees with Ygritte that Jon Snow knows nothing — he refuses to bend the bloody knee to a queen with three gigantic dragons, after all — but it sure is entertaining to watch him pretend to be one of Daenerys’ deadly flying beasts. As reported by Mashable, Emilia recently shared a cute Instagram video of costar Kit Harington standing on the Dragonstone cliff where Jon Snow and Drogon had their little love-fest on Game of Thrones. Kit is imitating the intimidating creature by flapping his long cloak like a pair of dragon wings, and it’s so windy that it seems entirely possible that he could be blown away. If Drogon were real, he’d save his new BFF who has Targaryen blood from falling into the sea and meeting the Drowned God, but it looks like Kit might be relying on something else to keep him from actually taking flight: a long rope is attached to his body in Emilia Clarke’s behind-the-scenes video.

“I mean, JEEEZE, one pet of a dragon and he thinks he’s one of them,” Clarke captioned the short clip.

The actress also added a few funny hashtags to her Instagram post.

“You know nothing Jon Snow,” the first one reads when broken down.

“But you do know how to not get blown off a cliff in gale force winds so there’s always that. Every pun bout wind I can think of insert there,” the other hashtags read.


Surprisingly, Emilia Clarke didn’t include a pun about The Winds of Winter, the highly-anticipated next installment in Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Being the King in the North is serious business, so Kit Harington’s character doesn’t get to goof off much on Game of Thrones. This may be why Emilia Clarke’s video has been delighting fans of the gritty fantasy series so much. It’s been viewed over 11 million times, and fans have flooded Clarke’s Instagram page with comments about how much they love it. Some of them joked that Harington was performing a dragon mating dance, and others begged him to bend the knee.

“I don’t think you understand what a huuuuge meme you just made Emilia,” one of the actress’s followers wrote.

“Danaerys breaker of chains. Jon Snow breaker of winds,” another quipped.


Some fans weren’t convinced that Kit Harington was trying to be a dragon; they speculated that the King in the North was reminiscing about his time with the Night’s Watch.

“Or maybe he’s being a crow, I mean he was one,” wrote one of Emilia’s followers.

However, it looks like Jon Snow has traded his ragged Night’s Watch cape —
which is actually an IKEA rug, according to Entertainment Weekly — for a more kingly fur cloak. His watch ended when the Red Woman resurrected him, but to move forward, he must go back beyond the Wall and capture a White Walker (or so he thinks).

Daenerys' Dragons

Game of Thrones fans will have to wait until Sunday night to find out whether Jon Snow and his ragtag group of heroes succeed in capturing an undead member of the Night King’s army, and viewers will definitely be praying to the Seven that their favorite member of the Seven Kingdoms’ Magnificent Seven survives their deadly quest. Life in Westeros can be cruel and cold, especially now that winter is here, but at least behind-the-scenes moments like the one shared by Emilia Clarke make the wait to find out everyone’s fate a little more bearable.

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