‘Conan Exiles’ Patch To Fix Xbox One Crashes Will Have To Wait As List Of Issues Grows

Conan Exiles launched for the Xbox One Game Preview program this Wednesday along with the Frozen North expansion. The console release unsurprisingly has more than a few issues, and the developers at Funcom are working to try and get the more pressing issues resolved. They must get the patch past Microsoft’s certification process first, and the list of bugs and gameplay issues being discovered seemingly grows longer and longer.

Xbox One owners have experienced issues with constant crashes and being unable to find servers in the server browser since Conan Exiles was released to the console. The promised ability to rent servers is also missing, plus there are significant gameplay issues such as a huge delay when equipping weapons and NPCs showing up partially invisible.

These issues are part of the reason why a PC impressions piece of the Frozen North was written, but not an Xbox One impressions piece.

The first patch is currently undergoing the Microsoft certification process. These are rarely released on weekends, which means Xbox One owners may have to wait until at least Monday to see the following issues fixed, per an official Conan Exiles Twitter post.

  • Fix for crash when starting client before download is completed (streaming install)
  • Fix for server rental
  • Fix for some issues causing endless loading screens
  • Fix for some crashes
  • Fix for inability to resume local games
  • Fix for crash in animation system
  • Fix for some objects taking a long time to become usable (weapons, harvestables, etc.)
  • Fix for some game stalls
  • Fix for server browser showing incomplete list of servers
  • Miscellaneous GUI Fixes
Building in the Frozen North in Conan Exiles.

Creative Director Joel Bylos told fans on Twitter he feels “sh**tty” over the issues Conan Exiles is having with the Xbox One launch.

“We’re re-evaluating what happened and trying to do better,” he said before admitting he never saw the crashes many players have been experiencing.

Bylos and the rest of the Conan Exiles development team will have a laundry list of other issues waiting to fix with the Xbox One version. Perhaps the most pressing improvement is fixing the radial wheel that replaced the hot bar. Moving inventory in and out of the radial wheel is currently clunky and requires too many button presses.

Just selecting the right item in the radial wheel can be touchy at times. Players will find themselves selecting a pick, for example, when they meant to choose a sword.

Funcom defended the use of the radial menu over a hot bar in a recent Reddit AMA.

“We felt a radial menu was the most intuitive way to instantly navigate a broad selection of multiple items on a gamepad. Hotbars are more suited for keyboard interfaces.”

The Xbox One controller layout for Conan Exiles.

Another issue appears to be the number of buttons. Conan Exiles has extra buttons over similar titles, like ARK: Survival Evolved, for heavy and light attacks, dodging, and toggling between different kinds building placement.

The Conan Exiles inventory UI is also a gameplay hindrance as the Xbox One controller is unable to hover over crafting requirement icons to see what resource the icon is meant to represent. The same can be said for the list of attributes in the upgrade menu. It’s unclear if those are included in the “Miscellaneous GUI Fixes.”

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[Featured Image by Funcom]