Peter Kraus Rejected By ‘The Bachelor’ Creator After Refusing To Propose To Rachel Lindsay

Peter Kraus is not what The Bachelor is all about. At least that’s what Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss says. Fleiss, who is known for posting cryptic teasers about his ABC reality franchise, has made it clear that Rachel Lindsay’s runner-up, Peter Kraus, is not Bachelor material. After Kraus ended his run on the rose-filled reality show by telling Rachel he couldn’t promise a proposal to her, Fleiss seemingly weighed in on Kraus’s chances at becoming the next Bachelor star.

“Do we really want a Bachelor who isn’t ready to settle down with a woman he loves? Hmmm. Not what #thebachelor is all about ….” Fleiss tweeted.

The Bachelor creator’s comment seems to be directed at Peter, who fell short of winning Rachel’s heart due to his commitment issues and even told her life would be “mediocre” without him.

While both Kraus and Lindsay have made peace with their split—The Bachelorette beauty is currently engaged to Bryan Abasolo— a source told People magazine that producers from the show are still furious with Kraus, who refused to play The Bachelorette “game.”

“Peter is every Bachelor producer’s worst nightmare: the perfect guy who cannot be coerced into proposing at the end,” the source told People. “The fact that no one could talk Peter into buckling under and just giving her the ring — and that he wouldn’t play along — absolutely enraged the higher-ups at the show.”

The insider added that Peter’s reluctance to play along with the show’s fairy tale format has Mike Fleiss up in arms.

“He is totally on their s**t list forever, and there is no way they will reward him with a shot at The Bachelor,” the source said. “No way.”

The insider added that Peter’s unwillingness to “play by the rules” would make him another Brad Womack or Juan Pablo Galavis, two of the franchise’s worst Bachelor stars ever. Womack famously ended his first round on The Bachelor by not picking either of his final two women.

While Mike Fleiss’s tweet makes it seem as though The Bachelor doesn’t want Peter Kraus, spoiler king Reality Steve says producers did ask Kraus to star on the next cycle of the show, and he turned them down.


In a post- Bachelorette press call with reporters, Peter Kraus hinted that he would consider The Bachelor role if it was offered to him, despite the fact that Rachel Lindsay suggested he may not be “well-suited” for the franchise.

“I went into this process open-minded and ready for whatever was thrown at me and I don’t think even with that I was prepared for what was going to happen, and it was extremely tough… for me,” Kraus said. “And I don’t know if I can get to that level with someone that fast, but I certainly know I tried. I developed feelings of love for Rachel and maybe with a couple differences throughout I could’ve gotten to that next step in that amount of time allotted, but I just know in this one specific instance I couldn’t.”

The Bachelor returns to ABC in January 2018.

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