‘Game Of Thrones’ Reported Death In Season 7 Episode 6 Will Leave Fans Heartbroken [Spoilers]

HBO Spain accidentally made Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 available to watch. The leaked episode has been watched by a number of fans. And, they are heartbroken to see Daenerys Targaryen lose a major force in her army.

The “blunder” happened when HBO’s Spanish subscribers had S07E06 available for on-demand viewing. Even though it happened only for one hour, it was enough to have the episode pirated and shared all around the World Wide Web.

Fortunately for HBO, Game of Thrones has a dedicated fan base. Most of the fans prefer waiting for the scheduled broadcast, instead of looking for pirated copies online. GoT Season 7 Episode 4 was also leaked earlier. But, the leaks have not affected the ratings of the show.

Nevertheless, it was apparently tempting for the fans this time, as the HD version of the episode was available on many file-sharing sites. The Independent confirms that the pirated copy that is available online at the moment is authentic.

Fans started discussing what they love and hate about Episode 6, as they usually do after watching each episode. Even though many fan-discussions prohibited users against revealing any spoilers of the episode, there were some forums where people talked about it anyway.

HBO Spain accidentally made Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 available to watch.

During one such discussion on Reddit, it is revealed that Daenerys Targaryen loses one of her dragons. While fans are heartbroken to see Viserion die, Viserion’s death has been long speculated by fans.

Back in November, the plot for the entire Season 7 was apparently leaked. The account of the Reddit user, who had leaked it all, was deleted. But, Game of Thrones fans already had enough spoilers for Season 7. According to the spoilers, Jon Snow and his “suicide squad” would be in grave danger, as they went out to fight the White Walkers.

But, Daenerys and her dragons would come and rescue them. During the process, the Night’s King kills one of her dragons. According to the Daily Mail Online, the Night’s King will now resurrect Viserion and use the Ice Dragon, which breathes blue fire, to destroy The Wall.

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While this sound ominous, there is another theory that claims Jon Snow will ride the Ice Dragon. As Daenerys rides one dragon, TV Guide notes that fans speculate Tyrion would ride the third dragon.

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