‘BB19’ Spoilers: Kevin Schlehuber’s Secret Gets Revealed, ‘BB19’ Cast Drama Escalates Again

BB19 spoilers about Kevin Schlehuber’s secret may just shock some viewers. The most notable part of these latest BB19 spoilers is that part of it was known by the cast without that secret even making its way to the live feeds. The secret that Kevin had dates back to the Big Brother 19 season premiere, where he took the first temptation and won $25,000 for doing it. Now it’s all playing out on the live feeds Tuesday night (August 15).

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, all of the houseguests were given a chance to press a button in secret during the season premiere. The first one to press the button would receive $25,000, but they would also be placing a curse upon the BB19 house. Kevin Schlehuber pressed the button and it was later revealed that he had allowed another houseguest to join the game. That person was Paul Abrahamian, who has pretty much controlled most of this season, getting a lot of the new players to do almost everything he has told them to do.

It turns out that there were some important conversations that took place before CBS turned on the live feeds. As these latest BB19 spoilers reveal, Kevin Schlehuber confided in Josh Martinez that he had claimed the $25,000 prize. Maybe Kevin told Josh due to Josh claiming the cash prize individual immunity during the first Head of Household Competition, costing his team a chance to take control of the BB19 house. It started some drama that eventually led to Megan Lowder deciding to self-evict from the game.

The new information added to this storyline is that Paul Abrahamian also had this key information about Kevin Schlehuber and he is going around the BB19 house telling people. The problem, though, is that not everyone even believes this story. They are thinking back to the first few days of the game and they aren’t convinced that Kevin actually took the prize. This seems to mean that Paul’s plan, whatever it might be this time, is backfiring on him. Does he just want Kevin to look bad so that he becomes a target of many people in the house?

So now Jason Dent and Alex Ow have this “secret” information but they don’t believe Paul Abrahamian. That’s sure going to set up an interesting situation on Thursday night when Paul needs them all to trust him as the double eviction starts to play out on the set. For readers who aren’t aware of this fact, the live feeds are going to be down for a while this week. Another report by the Inquisitr covers those Big Brother 19 spoilers and just how it might affect how the rest of the week is carried out in the BB19 house.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]