‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Live Feeds Going Down, ‘BB19’ Rumors Suggest Special Event Before Double Eviction

Big Brother 19 spoilers include a note from CBS stating the live feeds are going down this week. There have been a number of BB19 rumors floating around social media that the cast is going to be filming “something special” for viewers that will get aired during another Friday episode on August 18. An alert has also shown up on the CBS live feeds denoting the upcoming outage.

The problem here is that CBS has been very secretive about what is going to happen, leaving social media to come up with many different Big Brother 19 rumors. One such rumor is that when the feeds go down for the Thursday night (August 17) double eviction that they won’t come back on until after the Friday night episode has aired on the West Coast. This would mean that the feeds would be down for more than 30 hours, likely frustrating people who paid for the “24/7 access” this summer.

There is also some worry among BB19 fans that the feeds are going to go down on Wednesday evening (August 16), so that production can film something taking place in the backyard. If that scenario took place, then the live feeds would be down for more than 48 hours, raising that level of frustration. Is losing the ability to keep up with the houseguests worth it to viewers to see a clip episode used as filler to help the BB19 ratings? That’s a question getting hotly debated right now.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the double eviction is coming and the houseguests are still in the dark. That includes a number of other Big Brother 19 spoilers that haven’t been revealed to CBS viewers just yet, including who won the Power of Veto and whether or not they used it. A lot is going to happen on Thursday night, beginning with what should be a unanimous eviction of Cody Nickson, followed by a Head of Household Competition that will set the BB19 house up for a second eviction within the same hour.

With so much footage to pack into that one hour, it likely means that the second Head of Household Competition will take place after the Thursday episode has aired. This means it will be on the live feeds, where viewers are going to be blocked from viewing it if the Big Brother 19 rumors are true. That would mean that by the time the live feeds get turned back on late Friday, there will already be new nominees waiting on the block.

It will certainly be fun for the CBS audience to get a “bonus” episode on Friday night, but it comes at a big expense for viewers that like to keep up with everything transpiring in the BB19 house. Having to wait an additional day to learn not only who the HOH has become, but also who they have nominated for eviction, could be a tough endeavor. It will certainly lead to next weekend getting packed with Big Brother 19 spoilers though.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]