‘Big Brother 19’ Recap: Spoilers From June 28 Episode, Houseguests Introduced, First Competition Played

This June 28 Big Brother 19 recap comes from the 2017 season premiere. The BB19 cast had already been revealed to the world by CBS, but now television viewers got their first introductions to the 16 new houseguests. On Wednesday, it was time for host Julie Chen to let them all in the front door of the BB19 house. Fans wishing to take a look at the cast biographies can visit a CBS site which was set up for exactly that reason.

Following the introduction of the show to viewers, it was time for Julie Chen to address the studio audience, where she stated that three temptations would immediately face the new cast. She stated that $25,000 is up for grabs, a former fan-favorite could join the cast, and one houseguest may quickly leave the game. Production videos of the cast members soon followed. The first group of BB19 cast members to enter the house were Christmas Abbott, Jason Dent, Alex Ow, Kevin Schlehuber, Dominique Cooper, Mark Jansen, Elena Davies, and Ramses Soto.

The first person through the door this season was Alex, followed closely by Elena, Mark, and Ramses. Then it was time for Christmas, Jason, Kevin, and Dominique to join them. It was a mad scramble for the first eight houseguests to find beds within the BB19 house and also appear in their first Diary Room videos. There were a lot of suspicions spoken about how there were only eight people in the game so far. Queue the first commercial break.

Continuing with the June 28 Big Brother 19 recap, Josh Martinez, Megan Lowder, Cody Nickson, Jillian Parker, Matthew Clines, Jessica Graf, Raven Walton, and Cameron Heard comprised the second group of eight houseguests to join the BB19 cast. Matt, Raven, Jillian, and Cameron enter the house first but are soon followed by Cody, Josh, Megan, and Jessica. With everyone now in the BB19 house, Julie Chen states that it is time for the first Temptation Twist of the season. The houseguests were extremely excited to speak with her through the TV.

Calling it the “Summer of Temptation” she began to explain how the houseguests would get tempted by money, safety, and power. All of the houseguests were sent to the backyard, where they were given the option to secretly press a button and win $25,000 prize, but doing so would unleash a consequence on the BB19 house. The button was immediately pushed by Kevin Schlehuber, releasing two consequences. The personal consequence was that Kevin could not win the first Head of Household competition. The consequence for the house would come later.

Once everyone was back inside the house, the doorbell rang and Paul Abrahamian from Big Brother 18 walked in the front door. As a reminder, Nicole Franzel was the Big Brother 18 winner, defeating Paul in the final jury vote. Paul had a lot of followers on social media, making him a fan-favorite to possibly return to the show. His appearance this season was among the early (leaked) Big Brother 19 spoilers that had been discussed a lot on social media this spring.

Returning to the June 28 Big Brother 19 recap, after some more chatting among houseguests, Julie Chen called them all back to the living room to confirm Paul Abrahamian had joined the BB19 cast. She also told them that Paul was the consequence for the house after the secret button got pushed, as he would be replacing one of the first 16 houseguests. The first eviction of the season was about to take place. But first, it was time for the second temptation, controlled by Paul himself.

Paul was given a box of friendship bracelets, providing him the ability to grant safety to eight other houseguests. It meant that the houseguests would need to tempt him to give them a bracelet and earn protection from the first-night eviction. Each houseguest then took some time to meet with Paul, hoping they could convince him to save them. Paul chose to grant safety to Kevin Schlehuber, Raven Walton, Dominique Cooper, Mark Jansen, Jason Dent, Jessica Graf, Ramses Soto, and Elena Davies. The other eight had to prepare for a safety competition.

The first Big Brother 19 competition was an endurance challenge, with the eight competitors on trapeze bars with a balancing rope. As each person fell off, they were required to pick one of seven apples in the backyard. Three apples would contain bad news, putting those people on the block for eviction, while four of the apples would provide safety. The apples would all get opened after the competition. Jillian Parker fell first, followed by Megan Lowder, Josh Martinez, Cameron Heard, Christmas Abbott, and Matt Clines.

Cody Nickson and Alex Ow were the final two contestants in the first endurance challenge of the season. Cody promised Alex safety if she dropped, but the idea didn’t work. After about 85 minutes in the competition, Alex fell off, giving Cody the win and guaranteed safety for the night. When the houseguests opened their apples, the “poisonous apples” belonged to Christmas (who threw the competition), Cameron (who also said he dropped on purpose), and Jillian. It now became time to start campaigning for safety.

Julie Chen also revealed the final Temptation Twist of the night, with Jillian, Christmas, and Cameron getting tempted with power. They were allowed to leave it up to an eviction vote or to participate in another competition. Christmas and Jillian wanted a vote, while Cameron wanted a competition. This meant the first BB19 eviction vote would soon take place, with little time to convince the other houseguests to vote in their favor. Eight people voted to evict Cameron, three people voted to evict Jillian, and two people voted for Christmas. Cameron Heard became the first evicted houseguest for summer 2017.

Wrapping up the June 28 Big Brother 19 recap, a lot took place during the season premiere, but a lot is still in store for viewers on Thursday night. The second episode airs on June 29 (9 p.m. PT/ET). The BB19 cast is back to 16 members, with Paul Abrahamian taking an official place among the houseguests. Social media has already seen a lot of complaining about a returning houseguest, but it is a familiar tactic used by producers of the show to provide some continuity to viewers.

The CBS live feeds won’t get turned on until after the second episode is shown on the west coast, meaning there won’t be any confirmed online spoilers outside of what is in this article. That concludes the June 28 Big Brother 19 recap, with a lot expected to also take place during the second day of this two-night event.

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