Meet Basse Andersen, The Most Easily Scared Man Ever [Viral Video]

Arendal, Norway – Meet Basse Andersen, the most easily scared guy in the world.

A short YouTube documentary framed like a news report tells the story of Andersen, who is sent screaming, flailing, falling, and freaking out at the slightest provocation. Andersen works at Oestereng & Benestad in Arendal, and his co-workers there make a regular habit out of pranking him.

The video says that “even though he [Andersen] is often scared out of his wits, he loves his workplace,” and one of his co-workers proudly declares that “the whole company takes part in scaring Basse.”

Though it might seem like cruel bullying, Andersen himself is very much in on the joke: He loves being pranked. “I think he thinks it’s fun, too. He likes being the center of attention,” says a co-worker.

Indeed, throughout the video, Andersen is seen screaming like a little girl and falling to the ground, only to start laughing just as hard as everyone else does at his series of near-heart attacks. The best part of the video is probably around 0.59 when Andersen is spotted watching a video of himself being pranked on his office computer, and laughing at it all over again. Side note: It looks like he’s playing World of Warcraft on his other monitor. Do these people ever work?

Andersen himself says “I like humorous things and people who can think up some pranks,” continuing “that means a lot to me.”

The video has become a viral hit overseas, and a modest one on YouTube with roughly 150,000 hits thus far. Of course, you can watch it for yourself below.

What do you think of Basse Andersen, the most easily scared guy in the world?

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