Vuzix Begins Shipping Wrap 310 Video Eyewear

Vuzix Wrap 310 Video EyeWear

The Vuzix Wrap 310 Video Eyewear which was announced just this past September is already available for purchase and shipping. If you’re a widescreen TV fan who’s always on the go the glasses are definitely worth a closer look.

The visor-style display offers 428 x 240 pixels of resolution on both of the devices widescreen displays, which according to the company is the equivalent of watching a 55 inch screen from 10 feet away.

If you wear corrective lenses the Wrap 310 also now offers a focus adjustment option while offering support for all of the most popular 3d video formats.

Users can connect the Vuzix Wrap 310 to their iPhone and iPod units, portable DVD Players, Blu-Ray players, Laptops, PIM’s and other video out supported devices.

The glasses also get 6 hours of playback on just two AA batteries.

The Wrap 310 can be picked up directly from the Vuzix website at a cost of $250. [ipodnn]