‘The Division’ Patch Notes Finalized Before 1.7 Release, Includes New Vanity Slot And Encrypted Caches

The Division 1.7 update adds Classified Gear sets, Global Events, and more

With the 1.7 update expected to launch tomorrow for Tom Clancy’s The Division, developers of the game released the completed patch notes. Alongside bug fixes and balance changes, players will find all of the new features coming to the shooter listed in the notes with a few more details on each.

Patch 1.7 is a major expansion for The Division adding new features like Classified Gear sets, Global Events, and Commendations to the game. Players can also expect a new vanity slot, Encrypted Caches, and several quality-of-life updates as well. All aspects of the latest update can be viewed in some detail thanks to the patch notes on the official website.

When the patch deploys tomorrow, players of The Division will have access to a new vanity slot. The Face Masks slot is a new way for players to customize their agents. New skins for this slot are only available during a Global Event, though.

The first Global Event will start tomorrow, but it will only last for a week. The Outbreak Global Event introduces three Classified Gear set options for existing sets in addition to new vanity Face Masks. Global Events are the main source of Classified Gear set pieces with higher primary stats and additional set piece bonuses.

The Division 1.7 patch notes detail Encrypted Caches, Face Masks skins

Classified Gear set drop rates from Classified caches and the ability to re-customize agents are previously detailed by the Inquisitr. Classified caches are purchased with Global Tokens earned during a Global Event, but these new items do get added to the normal drop pool after the event ends.

The 1.7 update will also introduce Encrypted Caches to The Division. These new caches are locked boxes containing a number of vanity items for the player to collect. A Cipher Key is required to open an Encrypted Cache. These keys can be purchased from the Premium Vendor with real money or players can earn key fragments from playing the game. With 10 key fragments, players can make their own Cipher Key without spending any money to open an Encrypted Cache.

The 1.7 patch for The Division patch notes and details

It is also important to mention the numerous quality-of-life changes coming to the shooter with tomorrow’s update. Blueprints, currencies, and crafting materials are all account-wide now letting multiple characters on one account share these items. The update will also address many world issues like not being able to climb over certain objects, invisible objects blocking paths, and more in The Division.

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