Probe Into The Death Of Amy Winehouse Re-Opened

The probe into the death of British singer Amy Winehouse has been re-opened today after the resignations of coroner Suzanne Greenway one year ago and Dr. Andrew Reid last week.

CNN reports that British authorities have decided to re-open the probe into Winehouse’s death with a new coroner one year after the legal credentials of Greenway originally came into question.

The original coroner’s report listed “death by misadventure” as the cause behind Winehouse’s passing, with the original pathologist citing a blood alcohol level of five times the legal driving limit as the likely cause. No drugs were found in the singer’s system at the time.

News of the new probe, set to begin on January 8, has sparked outrage with Winehouse’s family. Mirror UK quotes her father:

“I will not allow my family to go through that again.”

When asked about the family attending the new coroner’s inquest he responded:

“We won’t have to be there. We are not going to put ourselves through that again because of someone else’s total and absolute inefficiency.”

In February Inquisitr wrote that the probe was not likely be re-opened amidst the resignation of Suzanne Greenway. That article also goes more in depth on the details regarding her resignation.

The surprising re-opening of the probe today comes on the heels of Dr. Reid’s resignation from British office last week.

Considering the added emotional distress being placed on the Winehouse family, do you think re-opening the probe into the death of Amy Winehouse is fair or necessary?