Ghostly Radio Station Sending Eerie Broadcast Gathers Listeners

A ghostly radio station that broadcasts 24 hours a day, every day of the year, is a mysterious entity that no one has laid claim to. These mysterious sounds are believed to emanate from a setting that is said to be deep in the Russian swampland behind a rusty iron gate. The radio towers and the abandoned buildings that sit in this isolated and “sinister location” are thought to be the home of mysterious “The Buzz.”

According to the BBC News, this is thought to be the location of “MDZhB” the radio station that is operated by seemingly no one. Not a soul has ever come forward to make a claim that they are the responsible party for its constant eerie broadcast.

For three and a half decades, the radio station has broadcast a non-stop “dull monotonous tone” and “every few seconds it’s joined by a second sound.” That second noise is likened to a “ghostly ship sounding its foghorn.” Then every so often, maybe once or twice a week, a man or a woman is heard reading out some Russian words, rather mundane in nature.

According to the BBC, those words and phrases are simple and really don’t make sense as to why they are being sent across the air waves. Words like “dinghy” and “farming specialist” are a few that have been heard from the eerie and ghostly station.

This radio station broadcasts at a wave length that anyone, anywhere can tune in and listen. By putting your radio frequency to 4625 kHz, you can hear the bizarre broadcast that tens of thousands of folks now listen to. It has quite the online following because it is such a mystery.

The BBC suggests that it is so enigmatic in nature that you would think it was designed with conspiracy theorists in mind. The radio station has earned the nickname of “The Buzzer.” The kicker is, out of the tens of thousands following this station, no one has any idea what they are listening to. According to the Daily Mail, this odd broadcast has been going on since the 1970s.

According to David Stupples, who is an expert in signals intelligence from City University in London, said, “There’s absolutely no information in the signal,” coming from that frequency. The theories are vast in number as to why this radio station exists. One of the leading theories is pointing to the Russian military, although this is not something they’ve ever admitted to, writes the BBC.

Radio waves have a life all their own and why you can hear this frequency coming from the ghostly station has an elaborate explanation. It is basically a short wave radio station, which allows the broadcast to carry far and wide. These short waves can travel across the globe by zig-zagging as they bounce off “charged particles” in the upper atmosphere.

This ability to bounce between the Earth and the sky allows them to travel great lengths, unlike the “higher radio frequencies that can only travel in a straight line, eventually becoming lost as they bump into obstacles or reach the horizon,” writes the BBC.

The lofty layer of the atmosphere is like a wave, rather than a flat line. This wave of charged particles moves higher into the atmosphere during the day and comes closer to Earth during the evening. Because the short wave frequencies bounce between this and Earth, there are certain times when that short wave travels better than others.

Because of the short wave’s ability to travel so far, this is used by the military, ships, and aircraft around the world to send messages. If could be that this ghostly radio station’s constant hum is there for the Russian military to check the strength of the short wave by “sounding out how far away that layer of charged particles is at any given time. Maybe it is a kind of a safeguard before sending some important message, suggests one theory.

Stupples said, “To get good results from the radar systems the Russians use to spot missiles, you need to know this.” (You need to know how far away the layer of charged particles is). “The longer the signal takes to get up into the sky and down again, the higher it must be.”

Theories range from suggesting the radio station is a way of keeping in touch with submarines to suggesting the station’s low hum is used for contacting aliens. The Buzzer isn’t the only mystery radio station in the world, there are actually two others that have a constant listening audience.

They are called The Pip and Squeaky Wheel. Fans of all three stations are quick to admit that they have absolutely no idea what they are listening to. You can take a listen to all three stations in the YouTube clips below.

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