Mayan Apocalypse: Nearly 100 Chinese Citizens Arrested For Spreading Doomsday Rumors

Tara Dodrill

Mayan apocalypse predictions have reportedly caused nearly 100 residents in China to be arrested. The Guardian reports that officials from the Chinese Communist Party have detained at least 93 citizens over the past few weeks for talking about doomsday and claiming that the end is near.

The Mayan apocalypse was at the heart of the hit disaster flick, 2012. The film was reportedly extremely popular in China when it was released in the country three years ago. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the man who savagely slashed 22 children at a school in the Henan province last week was allegedly impacted psychologically by the doomsday or Mayan apocalypse claims.

Panicked shoppers are snatching candles off the shelves in China. Rumors that the Mayan apocalypse will kick off three days of darkness prompted scores of Chinese residents to stock up on candles, despite officials attempts to stop doomsday rumors by arresting those who utter statements that are causing fears as December 21 looms closer.

A total of 37 members of the Church of the Almighty God were arrested in the Qinghai province for voicing Mayan doomsday rumors last week. The group was founded in 1992 and believes a female Jesus has or will be reincarnated in mainland China. The Church of the Almighty God has reportedly called for the death of the Big Red Dragon, the name the group uses to refer to the Communist Party. The church group is rumored to have up to a million members.

Hundreds of congregation members have allegedly "clashed" with local police in three separate Chinese provinces last week. A statement the Church of the Almighty God allegedly sent to members and republished by the Global Times newspaper reads:

"A big eye was found in the sun on 9 December in Beijing, and female Jesus manifested herself with her name. Great tsunamis and earthquakes are about to happen around the world."