Megyn Kelly Promotes New Show As Conservatives Sharpen Their Claws

Despite all of the backlash Kelly has recently faced, she is not giving up. According to TV Newser, Kelly has hit the road in order to promote her show Megyn Kelly Today, which debuts on September 25.

According to the report, the former Fox News star dropped by WMAQ in Chicago in order to take part in a Facebook Live segment with NBC Chicago anchor Zoraida Sambolin. Unfortunately, the comments after a Facebook post Kelly made in reference to the event were really mean.

“What a waste of airtime,” says Paul Glick.

“Well I give you 6 months there before you blow it in a class 4 market. Soon you will be at NBC Casper Wyoming clear down where you started,” claims Wayne Rossman.

However, other commenters declared the critics as either being jealous of Megyn or upset because they are Donald Trump fans. In the year leading up to the 2016 election, Kelly was one of Donald Trump’s loudest critics. During a debate, she questioned Trump about his treatment of women. Though Kelly met with Donald Trump several months after their debate run-in, Trump’s supporters still remained vicious towards Kelly.

Conservative websites such as Breitbart have celebrated the demise of Kelly’s newsmagazine show on Sunday nights.

“The initial run of Megyn Kelly’s Sunday newsmagazine show will reportedly be taken off the air at least two episodes earlier than scheduled because of her disastrous ratings,” happily noted columnist Tony Lee, adding that the network was originally hoping to air 10 episodes but was forced to shut her down.

The Daily Caller was just as dismissive of Kelly. In their article, they noted that Megyn’s show has been “put out of its misery.” Conservatives on Twitter have been celebrating Megyn Kelly’s demise since the announcement.

It is believed that the fact that NBC hired Kelly is why longtime host Tamron Hall left the network. However, according to Page Six, Hall will launch a show to rival Kelly’s. She has teamed with Weinstein Television to launch her own show at the same time. Hall had allegedly been considering leaving the talk show business and moving back to her hometown in Texas, but Harvey Weinstein convinced her not to.

Tamron Hall is going to compete with Megyn Kelly. [Image by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]

It appears that the main problem Megyn Kelly is having is that she has alienated her conservative fans from Fox News with her treatment of Donald Trump as well as complaining about how she was treated at the channel. However, liberal audiences are not too keen on Kelly either and still remember things like Kelly declaring that Santa Clause and Jesus were “white.”

Do you think Megyn Kelly’s morning show will succeed, or has she alienated too many people already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Andrew Toth/Getty Images]