LuAnn De Lessep’s Ex Tom D’Agostino Proving He Was Only In It For The Fame With A Return To ‘RHONY’

Tom D’Agostino isn’t giving up life in the limelight. Despite his divorce from Real Housewives of New York star LuAnn De Lesseps, D’Agostino reportedly wants to appear on Bravo’s hit reality show next season.

An insider told Radar Online that D’Agostino loved his time in front of the cameras more than his marriage. Even though De Lesseps doesn’t want him on the show, he enjoys the attention too much to give it up. In fact, the source claims that D’Agostino wanted cameras at the wedding but De Lesseps shot him down.

“He loved being on the show more than Luann does. He wanted to allow Bravo access to the wedding – they ultimately said “no” but did provide producers with footage,” the insider shared. “Tom loves being recognized on the street and especially in fancy bars by pretty ladies he walked the red carpet and enjoyed having his picture taken.”

The insider added that LuAnn De Lesseps was thinking about leaving RHONY last season because she was tired of all the drama. D’Agostino, however, convinced her to return. Given all of the scandals surrounding their marriage and divorce, producers might pull the trigger and offer D’Agostino a spot next season.

Producers just wrapped the reunion special and are currently thinking about the cast list for next season. They have not said anything about brining D’Agostino back into the fold. With De Lesseps no longer at his side, it might be hard incorporating D’Agostino into the show unless it is a small cameo.

De Lesseps and D’Agostino were only married seven months before calling it quits. Many rumors have surfaced about why their marriage failed, including reports of cheating and domestic violence. According to E! Online, a rep for D’Agostino hit back at the reports that infidelity and abuse ended their union.

The Daily Mail story is completely false,” the rep explained. “Luann and Tom spoke on the phone about it this morning and they are both upset about it. A lawyer’s letter to the Daily Mail has been sent.”

After announcing the divorce, rumors cropped up that De Lesseps had cheating on D’Agostino and had been involved in a violent domestic dispute. Despite all the reports, the rep admitted that D’Agostino was sad about the breakup and that he and De Lesseps are working together to finalize the divorce amicably.

Why did De Lesseps and D’Agostino call it quits? The decision the end the marriage allegedly centered on D’Agostino inability to commit. A source claims that he never wanted to tie the knot in the first place and was used to living as a bachelor. While he loved De Lesseps, he didn’t want to give up his old habits.

The season finale of the Real Housewives of New York airs Wednesday night on Bravo.

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