San Antonio Theater Shooting: At Least One Injured, Suspect In Custody

San Antonio, TX — Gunfire erupted at the Santikos Mayan Palace 14 theater complex in San Antonio on Sunday night, wounding at least one person.

Initial reports at the scene indicate that one person was wounded, though their condition is unknown at this time, reports My San Antonio.

Officers announced that at least one suspect, who may be the alleged shooter, was in custody. Witnesses reported seeing and hearing multiple shots at the theater in San Antonio and immediately scrambled to safety before EMS and police arrived on scene.

One witness added that she and several other patrons at the theater locked themselves in a bathroom to avoid the shooting. Police scanner traffic around the time of the incident has indicated that the incident may have actually started at a nearby restaurant and that the suspect may have been an employee there.

KENS-5 notes that moviegoer Juan Sanchez was attending a showing of The Hobbit when he recalled:

“Somebody came in and just grabbed their family and started saying that somebody was shooting in the lobby, so we just got stuff together and went out the back door and came around, and that’s when the cops showed up.”

Police are still investigating the scene and talking to eyewitnesses to determine what happened. Police scanner info also indicates that at least one of those detained by officials may be injured, though they are talking to police.

The news that a shooting had taken place at a movie theater immediately sparked memories and fears of another mass slaying like the one that took place in Aurora, Colorado in July and killed 12 people, wounding 58.

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