Audrey Roloff Pens Inner Beauty Advice, Relates Desire For Photoshop, More Makeup, Weight-Loss With The Devil

There is no doubt that Audrey Roloff is a beautiful woman. Stunning from head to toe, the Little People, Big World star is arguably one of the most attractive members of the reality TV family. In Audrey’s recent advice to her followers, however, the LPBW star explained that real beauty must not only be skin-deep; it is something that must also come from within. Otherwise, a person might end up pleasing the devil instead.

Audrey Roloff recently joined the ranks of the Live Original team of bloggers, a team of inspirational writers who provide advice to their readers. In her article on the team’s blog, Audrey penned a message on the real meaning of beauty. According to the Little People, Big World star, the world’s idea of beauty has been twisted and forgotten over the years, so much that today, people’s perception of the attribute is completely off-tangent.

“The sad reality of our materialistic, image-driven world has tempted us to disregard God’s definition of beauty. Honestly, sometimes I get a little frustrated by the constant, ‘You are beautiful’ slogans, blogs, books and advertisements. I think we need to let the truth of this statement sink in deeper than a quick feel-good reminder that ‘Oh yeah, I’m beautiful, got it.'”

After discussing how materialistic the world has become, however, Audrey clarified that refining one’s physical beauty is completely fine, as long as it is done in moderation. The reality TV star further asserted that a person’s desire to be physically beautiful should never exceed the willingness to achieve real inner beauty.

“There is nothing wrong with wanting to look physically beautiful, but our desire for outward beauty should never surpass our desire for inward beauty.”

Audrey further asserted that the desire to attain and refine one’s physical beauty is a very dangerous thing. To explain her point further, the LPBW star stated that whenever someone gets an overwhelming desire to be more physically attractive, that person might end up pleasing the devil himself.

“Satan smiles every time you think you need MORE makeup, or need to spend MORE time at the gym, or need to buy MORE expensive clothes, in order to be beautiful. Satan smiles when you spend more time in the morning ‘beautifying’ your bodies than you do beautifying your soul. Satan smiles when you look in the mirror and wish you looked like _______ or see a photo of yourself and instantly want to Photoshop it.”

Overall, Audrey’s message focused on one particular thesis — real beauty is achieved not by perfecting one’s body, but by refining one’s soul. The message of the reality TV star’s article has been received quite well by her and Live Original‘s followers on Instagram, with many lauding Audrey for her insights.

Others, however, were a bit more critical, calling out the Little People, Big World star for posting advice that she herself seems to be having trouble with. Some, for one, have taken issue that Audrey’s Instagram and Facebook pages usually feature the reality TV star in photographs that are glamorized and professionally edited.

Audrey’s supporters, however, have come to her defense, stating that while most of the LPBW star’s curated Instagram photos are glamorized, her Instagram Stories are always candid and casual. Considering that Audrey’s Instagram Stories are indeed filled with photos and videos of her without makeup and her hair all over the place, the reality TV star’s social media supporters do have a point.

What do you think about Audrey’s latest advice on inner beauty? Is the Little People, Big World star correct in her statements, or is she reaching a bit too far? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]