‘General Hospital’ Boss Frank Valentini Tease There’s ‘Nobody Who Won’t Be Affected’ By Steve Burton’s Return

General Hospital Boss Frank Valentini had much to say about Steve Burton who will be appearing in the future episodes of ABC’s daytime soap. According to the show’s executive producer, Burton’s comeback “is going to shake everything up.” While Valentini had much to say on the effect of Burton’s return to General Hospital, he kept mum on the actual role the actor would be playing in the soap. However, Valentini acknowledged the fact that when someone who looks a lot like Jason did in the past is bound to cause a ruckus across town.

Sam’s mental state and how the lines of reality and imagination are becoming blurred has been a hot topic among General Hospital fans for some time now. Based on some theories, Burton will be involved with Sam’s hallucinations. With the confirmation of Steve Burton’s return to General Hospital, many fans had mixed emotions. There have also been numerous rumors surrounding the show’s controversial decision to bring the actor back, and letting go of some series regulars to reportedly make room for Burton’s return.

During the TCA summer soiree, the General Hospital EP revealed Burton will affect about 30 people, which is almost everyone on the show. He further explained the return of someone with Jason’s old face would result in many questions and suspicions. Furthermore, the whole paradigm will revolve around who the real Jason is, and how people will react to seeing someone with Jason’s old face in General Hospital.


Valentini also commented on the reaction of the show’s avid fans saying nobody guessed what would happen yet. According to him, many General Hospital fans thought they were just making things along the way when the truth is that everything has already been laid out.

As for General Hospital’s decision to bring Steve Burton back, Valentini revealed they have been thinking about bringing the original Jason Morgan back in Port Charles for the past four months. The General Hospital boss revealed they started to look for ideas. When they came up with something interesting that will fit in with what they’ve got going, they “ran with it.”


As noted by TVLine, Valentini also did the same thing in ABC’s One Life to Live where Roger Howarth returned to the show after his character was recast. Valentini commented on the advantages of becoming an EP for as long as he had is that “you learn what not to do.” He added he tries to learn from his mistakes.

During an interview, Steve Burton revealed he will be staying in GH “for a while.” As for Valentini’s take on the effect of the actor’s comeback, he revealed it would last “probably about nine months” before they decide on the next big thing” for General Hospital.


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