Blake Shelton Lashes Out At Fan After Canceling Concert

Blake Shelton is hitting back at fans after canceling an upcoming concert due to his commitments to The Voice.

The singer was expected to perform at the Carolina Kickoff concert at East Carolina University Stadium in Greenville, North Carolina, on August 19, but announced on his Twitter that he would not be performing the show weeks before he was set to take to the stage.

The concert was rescheduled from August 19, 2017, to April 21, 2018, due to issues with the field he was set to perform on per WNCT, which means Blake will be unable to attend because of his commitments as a coach on The Voice which will then be airing Season 14.

However, while most fans understood the change wasn’t Shelton’s fault, others weren’t happy with the country star for pulling out and put him on serious blast on Twitter, causing him to hit back.

After one fan slammed The Voice star on the social media site and claimed that the people of North Carolina have “no love” for him following the news as they sarcastically thanked him for skipping out on the show, the country star lashed out and clarified that the decision was not his fault.

“The [cancellation] had NOTHING to do with me. I was ready to play the show,” he hit back in response to the unhappy fan who called him out on Twitter. “I love Greenville and will figure out a way to come there and play!”

Blake Shelton Lashes Out At Fans After Canceling Carolina Concert
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He then once again added in a separate tweet that it was “nothing to do” with him or his camp shortly before girlfriend Gwen Stefani shared a sweet video of the two dancing together on social media.

Blake then replied to another more understanding fan on the social media site who noted that concert cancellations are very rarely due to the artist themselves after they pointed out that artists are so busy that they sometimes don’t even know where they are.

“Ain’t that the damn truth!!!” Shelton responded. “In fact I’m not real sure where the hell I am right now!”

Shelton then issued an official statement to WKML in the wake of the news that he would not be appearing at the Carolina Kickoff concert and once again denied responsibility for the changes and his subsequent cancellation.

Blake Shelton hits back after a fan slammed him for canceling a concert
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“I wanna be clear that the Greenville concert cancel had NOTHING to do with me/my camp. I was ready to play!” Shelton said in the statement obtained by the outlet.

“The show has been rescheduled to April and, as you know, every April and May for the last 5 years I have a commitment at The Voice,” he continued. Blake then added that he “loves” Greenville and would return to the North Carolina city soon.

Blake will be pretty busy next spring when he returns to The Voice for his fourteenth consecutive season as he’s already confirmed to be sitting alongside fellow mainstay coach Adam Levine and newcomer Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly recently teased that things are going to get competitive between herself and the country star after she teased earlier this year that she’s ready to take Shelton on and will “annihilate” him when she sits in her spinning chair for the very first time in 2018.

Before performing with Blake in Chicago in July, Clarkson was asked about teaming up with her fellow singer by Chicago Tribune, to which she joked in reply, “I guess it will be a precursor for The Voice… a precursor to when I annihilate him.”

What do you think of Blake Shelton hitting back at fans who blamed him for canceling his performance? Was he right to respond on Twitter?

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