‘RHONY’ Luann De Lesseps Denies Cheating And Violence Led To Divorce, Tom D’Agostino Confirms Story Was False

The Real Housewives of New York City star Luann de Lesseps’ shocking divorce from Tom D’Agostino has already turned ugly. The mother-of-two has been accused of cheating, violent outbursts, and having “ulterior motives” for marrying Tom.

UPDATED 8/5/17 @ 9:00 p.m. EST.

Luann and Tom both deny allegations of violence and infidelity

After a report was published in Daily Mail earlier on Saturday claiming that Luann’s erratic behavior, cheating, violence, and deceitfulness was what led Tom D’Agostino to divorce de Lesseps, both of them publicly denied all of it.

A representative for Tom D’Agostino told E! News on Friday night that Luann and Tom both “spoke about it on the phone this morning” and are “upset” by the accusations that were made by his so-called “close friend.”

A legal notice has reportedly been sent to Daily Mail.

Luann de Lesseps representative noted that the rumor that the former Countess cheated on her husband was “rubbish and completely false.”

Tom was the one who filed for divorce?

Luann de Lesseps shocked everyone when she announced on Thursday she would be divorcing Tom D’Agostino after just seven months of marriage. Now, Tom D’Agostino’s friend has alleged to Daily Mail that The Real Housewives of New York City star was no angel in the short-lived relationship.

D’Agostino’s close friend told reporters that it was actually Tom who filed for divorce after “growing tired of being cuckolded” by Luann during their “brief marriage.”

The Bravo reality star was allegedly unfaithful, left her husband with a bloody scratch after a violent outburst, and only married D’Agostino to create a good storyline for The Real Housewives.

“It has been really difficult for Tom because he did love her.”

Unfaithful, violent, and deceiving

Luann de Lesseps allegedly only married Tom because she felt she was becoming irrelevant on the reality show and “needed a new story line.” However, D’Agostino’s friend said that Luann’s obsession with being a cast member was just one of the problems throughout their relationship.

“She cheated, she was unfaithful, she was prone to violent outbursts.”

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The former Countess reportedly bit Tom days before their wedding this winter and left him covered in blood after scratching him on the face at a restaurant in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in July.

The source claimed that it didn’t “take much time for her to punch, bite, slap, or scratch him” and described de Lesseps behavior as “bats**t crazy.”

Did she do it all to stay on The Real Housewives?

Another friend also told Daily Mail that it was obvious from the beginning of Luann’s relationship with Tom that it was a made for television romance.

“Stevie Wonder can see what Luann did here.”

The insider said that the mother-of-two was aware that she had a boring season and wanted to ensure that “Bravo cast her for another year.”

Now that Luann has made the divorce public news, people are buzzing about it and she will have a whole new season to discuss her second failed marriage.

“If she’s filed for divorce before the reunion was filmed in mid-July, she would’ve had to discuss it. So she’s filed now after the reunion, so she’ll have a full season to discuss it next year.”

A friend of the couple said that it “nearly killed her” when she was “downgraded” to being a “friend” on The Real Housewives of New York City.

luann de lesseps divorce from tom d'agostino gets ugly
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The friend even praised Luann for making such a “smart move” and said that “no one hustles better” that she does.

Tom D’Agostino’s friend also claimed that de Lesseps had rekindled her romance with her ex-boyfriend Jacques Azoulay and even let him crash at her multi-million-dollar pad in Sag Harbor last week, related reports by the Inquisitr noted.

Are you shocked by the allegations that Luann de Lesseps was unfaithful and violent toward her husband Tom D’Agostino? What do you think about the soon-to-be divorced couple keeping a united front throughout these ugly rumors? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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