Did ‘Real Housewives Of New York’s Tom D’Agostino Say Luann’s Ex Jacques Was The Last Straw Before Filing?

Considering all the rumors about Real Housewives of New York‘s Tom D’Agostino continuing to canoodle with his exes, it’s ironic that D’Agostino would finally pull the trigger and file for divorce because Luann was still in touch with her French ex Jacques Azoulay. RHONY fans remember Jacques as Luann’s charming younger suitor who bears a striking resemblance to Friends star David Schwimmer. Tom D’Agostino was reportedly so annoyed that Luann and Jacques were still in touch that he finally decided the marriage was done and filed for divorce.

The final story that ran in the press before Real Housewives of New York‘s Luann and Tom both went public with their admission that their marriage was indeed kaput was about Tom meeting an ex in a Sag Harbor dive bar. Luann was reportedly at a charity event with Jill Zarin when Tom was out and about meeting up with a random blonde.

“An attractive blond woman at [famed dive bar] Murf’s in Sag Harbor was seen getting a text from “D’Agostino… one of her friends blurted out, ‘That’s her married ex-boyfriend Tom, who’s still in love with her.'”

When the story came out, Tom denied everything including that he was in that bar. He said they had a great weekend and were out together with friends.

But the story now making the rounds is that Tom D’Agostino was threatened by Luann hanging out with ex Jacques, who is reportedly still a family friend. Despite the fact that Jacques has a girlfriend, Tom was still said to be jealous and suspicious of the friendship between Luann and Jacques.

Luann, who will presumably change her name back to de Lesseps, had invited Jacques to stay at her Sag Harbor home, which was what caused Tom to file for divorce. Luann filed the same day, and Jacques left the Sag Harbor home and moved to a hotel. Luann says that the story that Jacques played any role in the breakdown of her marriage to Tom is ridiculous.

“Jacques has a girlfriend and he’s staying in a hotel, we’re friends, he’s not staying at my house. There’s no truth to the story of Jacques and me. God knows I’ve been going through enough recently, I don’t understand why this false rumor is coming at me.”

Luann says that she and Tom filed for divorce when they realized that they could not save their short marriage. The Real Housewives star says no third party was involved in their split.

“I do not think Tom cheated on me, definitely not. God knows he’s got himself in some trouble in the past, but I don’t believe that continued [while we were married].”

Luann does admit that Jacques is staying in the Hamptons, in a hotel, while she is staying at her Sag Harbor home. But Luann is not hiding out, as she has been seen around town according to Us Weekly.

“She was seen getting out of her car on Friday morning in a yellow midi dress, flip-flops, and black sunglasses, and carried a tan bag. The Real Housewives of New York City star owns a water-front three-bedroom home in nearby Sag Harbor, New York, which is frequently featured on the Bravo show.”


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Tom and Luann released a statement that said they still care about each other, but they are splitting.

Do you think Jacques had anything to do with the RHONY split of Luann and Tom?

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