Connecticut Shooting: Is It Spawning Other Shootings?

The shooting in Newtown, Colorado has several copycat shootings throughout the United States, according to Yahoo News.

Saturday morning, a gunman opened fire in an Alabama hospital.
Fortunately no casualties resulted, but a police officer and two hospital employees had been wounded, says the Chicago Tribune.
Police had been just around the corner and shot the assailant dead before he could do anything more.
Sergeant Johnny Williams reported that the officer and employees shot had been taken to a separate hospital for treatment.

A man in Cedar Lake, Indiana threatened another elementary school shooting.
Cedar Lake police were called to the home of 60 year old Von I. Meyer early Friday after the man had reportedly threatened to set his wife on fire and then head over to Jane Ball Elementary School and kill as many as he could, writes
He had been in possession of 47 guns and ammunition valued at over $100,000.

Similarly a gunman opened fire outside a California mall, reports Reuters.
This incident, which happened at the Fashion Island mall, happened only four days after a more tragic one in a Portland, Oregon mall.
No one was wounded, but one person fleeing on foot suffered minor injuries, police said.
Newport Beach police spokeswoman Kathy Lowe said:

“A male was shooting a weapon in the air and at the ground, standing by a vehicle.”

It’s hard to tell when related incidents will end, but with the Christmas shopping season combined with 12/21/2012, stress management is apparently reaching a new low.