‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Gets An Offer She May Not Be Able To Refuse, Will She Betray Nik’s Memory?

Ava Jerome has been scarred for life on ABC’s General Hospital and there doesn’t seem to be anything at all that she can do about it. But can she? Just when things are looking bleak for her future, in walks Valentin Cassadine with an offer that she may not be able to refuse.

Ava is conflicted. She wants her old life back. However, she does not want to betray Nikolas Cassadine’s memory, and his son Spencer, by going along with Valentin’s offer to not testify against him in Spencer’s civil suit. He has offered his services to Ava to fix her face in exchange for her silence. According to General Hospital spoilers by Soaps She Knows, Ava will be quite a mess this upcoming week.

She will be conflicted on how badly she wants to have her face looking the way it used to. Valentin told Ava that he knows certain doctors who can give her what she wants. To give Ava some encouragement to take him up on his offer, he showed her what he used to look like before his own reconstructive surgery years back. He knows exactly how to dangle the bait right in front of her. She refused Valentin and sent him away. Will she end up changing her mind?

Ava has been hiding out ever since she was released from the hospital. Julian has been trying his hardest to encourage his sister, but she insists on keeping a low profile. She has spent her time drinking and trying to forget that she has gone from having a beautiful face to looking like a monster. Even Avery was disturbed by her mother’s new face.

According to future General Hospital spoilers, Ava will find a good friend in Griffin Munro. They are expected to grow closer. This will either cause her to want to go back to looking like her old self just for Griffin, or he could love her just the way she is right now. Griffin is not only a doctor, but he is also a priest. If Ava should take Valentin up on his offer, that could also jeopardize her relationship with Griffin.

Ava and Nikolas had sparked a flame between them last year, and Ava grew to care about him. She was devastated when he was supposedly shot and killed by Valentin. Now he is asking her to betray that friendship. Will she really go along with keeping silent and betray his memory and Spencer?

Stay tuned to General Hospital to see if Ava’s need to look beautiful again will have her taking Valentin’s offer.

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