Megan Badasch Being Blamed For Leaking Trump 'Washington Post' Transcripts: Is 4K Facebook Shares Story True?

When President Donald Trump's phone calls to world leaders leaked to the Washington Post, readers got a peek inside how Trump speaks to others. As reported by the Inquisitr, Trump complained that while his phone call with President Putin was "pleasant," his call with Australian Prime Minister Turnbull was the most unpleasant call he had all day. Now one woman is being blamed for leaking Trump's phone calls to the Washington Post, but with the name "Megan Badasch" dripping all over Facebook with seething emojis around her name, and being shared so readily on Twitter, one wonders if the vitriol is justified and if the news about Megan is true.

According to Newsweek, Badasch has become a new bull's-eye for Internet bashing. Megan has been accused of leaking to the media, with Badasch being accused by Mike Cernovich, an alt-right blogger, who claims the assistant to National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster was the person dead set on sabotaging Trump. Cernovich claimed Badasch colluded with McMaster to get rid of Tera Dahl, the NSC's deputy chief of staff.

However, Badasch has enjoyed a lifelong career in Republican politics, and worked on Trump's campaign as well as Trump's transition team. Badasch even worked to crack down on leaks, but Badasch is being blamed by Cernovich for leaks because she ate lunch with Eric Ciaramella, her coworker. According to Salon, Cernovich called Eric "pro-Ukraine and anti-Russia" and blamed him for leaks as well. Now threats of violence against Ciaramella are being described by Newsweek as the reason for his early departure.

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The Washington Post reports Cernovich helped spread the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, but Trump's White House gave him press credentials.

Meanwhile, certain people online are running with the "Megan Badasch is the leaker" story. The publication USA Newsflash ran with the headline " CAUGHT HIM! Here's The Traitor Who Leaked Trump's Transcripts To The Washington Post" with thousands of shares on Facebook, even if it comes with little proof.

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