Lindsay Lohan: ‘I Admit It, I Am Out Of Control’ [Video]

Lindsay Lohan is playing a familiar tune. The young actress seems to let her life spin out of control and then thinks that because she is willing to ask for help it basically makes it all better. This time Lohan, in an exclusive interview with TMZ, is admitting that her life is completely out of control.

Since she was put on probation and seemed for a jewelry heist she participated in a couple of years ago the actress seemed to be getting herself together. She posed for Playboy in order to bring in some much needed cash and it was said that it was one of Playboy’s highest selling issues ever. She landed roles in the Elizabeth Taylor biopic Liz and Dick and the indy film The Canyons. She even impressed the judge so much that she was told that her rehabilitation was exemplary and that she should keep it up.

Yet when she was praised by Judge Stephanie Sautner she was also warned:

“Stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work.”

Lohan seemed to ignore that advice.

During the last year Lohan has been charged in multiple incidents including an accident where she lied to police about driving the car involved and now a simple assault charge out of New York where she supposedly became enraged at a nightclub and punched a woman in the face.

She has since spent most of her money and had to have Charlie Sheen bail her out of a tax debt and she is telling the media that she needs professional help with her impulse control. She is also saying that since her probation she has again hooked up with a bad group of friends and that she feels she was taken advantage of repeatedly.

The actress could be facing multiple years in prison if she is convicted on any of the charges or for violating her probation.

Watch a video of Lindsay Lohan’s appearance in court where she was warned about going off the rails again.