Tori Roloff Shares Adorable Picture Of Hubby Zach As They Enjoy A Double Date On The Farm With Jeremy And Auj

With their new baby, Jackson, about to turn 3-months-old, Tori and Zach Roloff decided to let Grandma Amy babysit as they enjoyed a night out on the farm with in-laws Jeremy and Audrey Roloff.

Yesterday, Tori’s Instagram story started with shopping in the morning as Zach pushed baby J down the aisle of what appears to be a department store. Later, Tori, Zach, Jeremy, and Audrey can be seen riding around the farm in Jeremy’s blue Toyota truck with the top off. However, Tori made sure fans knew that Jackson was safe at home with Grandma Amy.

“Grandma is babysitting!”

Tori’s sister-in-law, Audrey, shared a similar story on her Instagram, with the group of four exploring the farm. Jeremy can be heard in the background pointing out to the girls where the blackberries are, just in case they wanted to pick some for a little snack along the way.

And just this morning, the new mom posted a photo of hubby Zach at Roloff Farms. In the back, you can see a barn with beautiful stringed lights hanging across it. A gorgeous full moon is also visible in the night sky. Clearly, the pair is still head over heels for each other, as you can tell from Tori’s simple yet heartfelt caption.

“This guy,” she said along with a blue heart.

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In the meantime, Tori’s brother-in-law, Jeremy, kept busy on the farm during the day, showing fans all around the farm on his Instagram story. The first stop was at the “swamp fort” that Jeremy said fans of Little People, Big World had been asking to see. The wood structure stands on stilts in the middle of a swamp-like area, and the outside of the fort is lined with tires.

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A shirtless Roloff explains to fans that he built the fort in high school with friends. He goes on to show what used to be a “fully” functioning drawbridge. Later, Jeremy goes across the farm to show viewers where they are doing a “massive logging” operation and explains how much the landscaping has changed.

As reported by In Touch Weekly, Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, have been busy doing big projects on their new house in order to prepare for their baby girl. They said the biggest project is ripping up the carpet and installing hardwood floors. Their daughter is due on September 1.

It seems as though everyone in the Roloff family is very busy, so it’s nice to see that everyone was able to take a little time to relax and enjoy a lovely double date.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]