‘NCIS’ Season 15 Premiere To Feature A Time Jump: McGee, Gibbs Still Stuck In Paraguay

Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Sean Murray’s Tim McGee were left in a compromised situation when they went to a mission in Paraguay. Up until now, it remains to be seen what the fate of these two agents will be when NCIS returns for Season 15.

It can be recalled in Season 14’s finale that Gibbs, McGee, and Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) went to Paraguay to help free children who have been stolen. While getting ready to leave, a rebel army arrived and tried to interrupt the rescue mission. The rebels started firing at the NCIS team’s chopper and that’s when Gibbs decided to stay and help keep the army at bay while Torres and McGee would go on to save the children. McGee, at the very last minute, jumped off the chopper and stayed with his boss.

It’s expected that the major cast members will not die at the start of NCIS Season 15 but co-showrunner Frank Cardea has revealed to TVLine that Gibbs and McGee aren’t out of their predicament just yet.

NCIS Season 15 will pick up where it left off with the major cliffhanger from Season 14, Cardea added. However, it will serve as a flashback for the present day. It will then be revealed that it has been two months at the NCIS headquarters without McGee and Gibbs — both are still stuck in Paraguay, apparently.

“We flash back about that much, just to remind the audience that these two guys are in jeopardy and the world’s about to come down on them, and then we pick it back in Washington.”

McGee and Gibbs will still be stuck in Paraguay in NCIS Season 15

It remains to be seen how the two will get out of the conflicted land but most viewers know Gibbs and McGee will make it through. McGee has a wife and a baby to come home to so it would be a heartwarming reunion if he returns just in time for the baby’s arrival.

McGee returning home safely would also mean that he’ll be able around when his child reaches the different milestones. As CarterMatt noted, it would be devastating, however, if McGee will still be stuck in Paraguay with Gibbs for long, even after wife Delilah (Margo Harshman) gives birth. Cardea has also revealed that McGee and Delilah’s baby will arrive in October.

NCIS Season 15 will feature a timejump in the premiere

Other than the McGee’s baby, NCIS Season 15 will also introduce new characters. The latest addition to the cast is Maria Bello, whose character’s name has yet to be announced, but she will be part of the NCIS team and play as a top forensic psychologist. Girl Meets World star Cheryl Texeria has also been confirmed to be part of the CBS series.

NCIS Season 15 premieres on Sept. 26. Are you looking forward to seeing Gibbs and McGee back with the team in Washington? Let us know your thoughts about this series in the comments section below.

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