WWE News: Samoa Joe Lists ‘WrestleMania 34’ Dream Opponents But Which Superstar Will His Match Be With?

When it comes to the “grandest stage of them all” WWE star Samoa Joe recently spoke about whom he wants to face at next year’s WrestleMania 34 pay-per-view “The Samoan Submission Machine” has already had several high-profile matches since arriving in NXT and WWE with the likes of Shinsuke Nakamura and Brock Lesnar. After main eventing Great Balls of Fire, Joe will now be a part of what may be the SummerSlam 2017 main event in a Fatal 4-Way match. Whom does Samoa Joe want to face at WWE’s WrestleMania event next year, though, and what are the chances he’ll get the matchup he wants?

Longtime pro wrestling fans know that Samoa Joe has an extensive history in wrestling even though he just started working with WWE as of 2015. After a hot run in NXT, Joe is now ready to participate in a match involving Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, and Brock Lesnar with the Universal title on the line at SummerSlam in a few weeks. It’s one of WWE’s biggest PPVs each year along with the Royal Rumble and of course, WrestleMania. As Sportskeeda‘s Johny Payne reported on Wednesday, Joe just gave an interview to the French media in which he answered several questions including his dream opponents for Mania. Joe was political in his answer saying he would welcome any opportunity to be a part of the pay-per-view, but then gave a short list of superstars he wouldn’t mind being in the ring with at next year’s event.

WWE stars Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns on Raw

Joe gave a list that basically reads like a who’s who of the top superstars in the company right now, which gives plenty of potential matches.

“I’d love to see something like Brock (Lesnar) or Roman (Reigns), Seth (Rollins) or Dean (Ambrose). Maybe Finn Balor or AJ Styles or John Cena. I mean, the list is really endless. You put any of those guys in front of me and I’ll be more than ready to go.”

Joe has already worked with Lesnar, Reigns, Rollins, and Balor in one way or another during his time in WWE so far. He’s met up with AJ Styles and John Cena in previous wrestling endeavors including TNA Impact Wrestling and Ultimate Pro Wrestling. Cena and Styles crossed paths several times while they were working for TNA. Cena and Joe worked together in the early 2000s for the WWE developmental company Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW), so that means these two could build towards an epic match at WrestleMania. It could even be why Cena became a “free agent.” WWE has already sort of teased the idea in their various “dream match” videos on the website, as well as in a video about Cena and Joe having things in common.

That said, WWE fans all have their opinion on the best WrestleMania opponent for Samoa Joe, but WWE’s plans usually dictate whom he gets. There have been rumors that Brock Lesnar may be done with WWE following next year’s WrestleMania 34. There was also a generally positive response to the build up to the Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar match that took place at WWE’s Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view. Some fans may feel the finish left something to be desired, and having just this one match may not be enough. A Brock Lesnar to Samoa Joe before he leaves WWE could certainly give Joe more of a boost within the company and with the fans.

Samoa Joe wants Roman Reigns or John Cena at Mania

Other rumors have suggested Brock will hold onto the WWE Universal title through SummerSlam and all the way until next year’s WrestleMania 34. Roman Reigns is an early speculative pick to win the Royal Rumble, although with John Cena a “free agent” it could put him in play as well. That may leave Joe open for whoever doesn’t face Brock, although seeing Joe and Brock go at it again might be the dream match fans would love at Mania. Seeing AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe certainly wouldn’t be terrible either. Those seem like four potential opponents for Joe at the pay-per-view, although WWE seems intent on putting Reigns over. There’s also John Cena looking to win the historic championship for his resume.

There are several great things about Joe’s response. One of them is that he’ll likely get at least one of those stars at Mania. The other best part of this all is that Samoa Joe seems just fine having the opportunity to be part of the show, rather than needing the spotlight. Still, a wrestling talent of his level should certainly get his major WrestleMania moment. The other good news is with a list including that many stars and the potential for several Mania pay-per-views before he hangs it up, he could get several of those opponents in the coming years.

WWE fans, who would you most want to see Samoa Joe take on at the WrestleMania 34 pay-per-view?

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