August 1, 2017
Rebecca Sugar Teases 'Steven Universe' Season 5 Will Be A 'Rollercoaster,' As Show Takes On 'Crazy' Arcs

Steven Universe is slowly unraveling answers to some of the show's biggest questions and mysteries, but it looks like viewers should prepare themselves for a "rollercoaster" ride ahead. During the recent San Diego Comic-Con, series creator Rebecca Sugar discussed her plans for the Cartoon Network series' fifth season.

Steven Universe Season 5 will reportedly be like a "rollercoaster that is rocketing forward," said series creator Rebecca Sugar during the 2017 SDCC, reports Den of Geek. According to Sugar, Steven and the rest of the gang will be dealing with the consequences of the trial that took place as a result of Lars being brought back to life.

This statement somewhat resonates to voice actor Zach Callison's interview that Steven Universe Season 5 will have "crazy story arcs" with "lots of drama" and another murder mystery. As io9 notes in its report, the earlier episode entitled, "The Trial" revealed that Rose Quartz may not have been the one responsible for shattering Pink Diamond.

This may put Steven and his friends to more investigative work in order to discover who really killed Pink Diamond on Steven Universe Season 5. The answer to this murder mystery may help Steven move on with his life and ultimately forgive his mother, Rose Quartz.

With Steven Universe Season 5 potentially answering most, if not all, questions on viewers' minds, many fans have begun wondering whether there is some truth behind speculations that the CN series is coming to an end. Sugar previously spoke about having "big plans" for the show's fifth season, which many believe is a hint towards the show's endgame.

However, many fans insist that there is still a lot of ways to expand Steven Universe beyond Season 5. For instance, many fans are still looking forward to a possible fusion between Peridot and Lapis Lazuli who have become roommates in earlier episodes despite having ill feelings for each other when they first met.

Steven Universe Season 5 may also put Lars at front and center, especially after he was brought back to life by Steven. One clip that was shown during the 2017 SDCC featured Lars leading the Off Color Gems and taking control of a spaceship. Sugar also promised that she and the writers are not afraid of pushing the show to its limits and becoming ambitious with its storylines.

Do you think Steven Universe Season 5 will be the last one?

[Featured Image by Cartoon Network]