‘BB19’ Spoilers: Jason And Kevin Want Paul Out, Jessica Makes A Deal With Paul — Cody’s Game Is Over

BB19 spoilers tease Kevin Schlehuber and Jason Dent hatch a plan to get Paul Abrahamian out of the Big Brother house in the next few weeks. Paul has played a flawless game and has remained no one’s target. That may soon change as Jury will start in less than two weeks.

Team North posted a video on Twitter that revealed that Kevin and Jason had a chat about getting Paul out soon. Big Brother 19 spoilers revealed that Jason said they have to get him out soon or he’s going to win the season. Kevin agreed with him, adding that Paul has been calling all of the shots and dictating who to target next.

Big Brother spoilers reveal that Kevin implied that they have only started taking swings at “small time targets.” He added that soon they would have to take a swing at a huge target. Jason immediately replied that there is no target bigger than Paul. They don’t have a plan to take a shot at Paul, yet. However, they are starting to see that with Paul in the Big Brother house; they have no chance at winning the $500,000 grand prize.


Big Brother 19 spoilers state that Paul made a deal with Jessica Graf about her Halting Hex temptation. According to Hamster Watch, she agreed not to use the hex, but she had a few demands in exchange for sending Cody Nickson out of the BB19 house. First, Jessica asked that she won’t be put on the block for two weeks. She explained that she wanted to make it to Jury so if she could get at least two weeks of safety, she would feel more relaxed. As for her second demand, Alex Ow has to be the target for Week 6’s eviction.


Big Brother 19 spoilers revealed that Paul told Elena Davies, Matt Clines, Raven Walton, and Mark Jansen that whoever wins HOH next week has to put Alex up and send her home. Of course, they all agreed they would, but is there another plan in the works?

Moments after Paul agreed to Jessica’s demands; Paul filled Alex in the new plan. As you can imagine, Alex was nervous about putting her Big Brother game in Paul’s hands, but he assured her it was the best way to keep her safe. It sounds like the plan is to make Jessica thinks they will keep her safe, but in reality, she will be voted out right after Cody.


Do you think Jessica should use her temptation this week? Do you think Paul would vote Alex out to make Jessica happy? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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