‘This Is Us’ Actress Chrissy Metz Reveals Her Biggest Indulgence Since Making It Big

Chrissy Metz is staying true to herself and not letting her newfound fame and fortune go to her head. Chrissy remains one of the most humble actresses in Hollywood and refuses to let the success of Kate Pearson on This is Us change her. Metz continues to amaze fans with her positive outlook on body image and life in general. Chrissy revealed recently her big indulgence, and it is not at all what most would expect.

People shared details of Chrissy’s big purchase, and fans may be a little surprised by what it is. Metz shared she recently spent some of her money and got herself a washer and dryer. After recently moving into her own apartment, Chrissy chose this as her first big purchase. Metz said, “I have my own washer and dryer guys! I was like, ‘I don’t want to do laundry anymore,’ but now I do laundry twice a day. It’s a little excessive.”

A washer and dryer do not seem like much, but to Chrissy, who had almost given up on acting altogether before the This is Us audition, it’s huge. Metz had 81 cents when she started filming and look at her now. Until recently she also shared an apartment with a roommate.

While Chrissy did splurge on her washer and dryer, Metz has no plans for further big purchases for awhile. Chrissy says people ask her all the time what she has bought for herself since This is Us took off. Metz shares there is nothing she needs. Chrissy remains humble and is currently just soaking in the feeling of success and enjoying knowing that what she is doing as Kate Pearson and herself is changing people and helping them through life. Chrissy said, “It’s so wonderful on so many levels. I can’t even explain it.”

Chrissy admits she had a good feeling the day she went to audition for the role of Kate Pearson. Metz said, “The day did feel differently. I was like, ‘The birds were bird-ier. The sky was bluer.’ It was a bit of a musical sort of experience.” Chrissy’s feelings turned out to be right. She got a callback and the rest is history.

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Chrissy and the rest of the cast are currently filming Season 2 of This is Us, and fans can’t wait for it to return this fall. While nobody will give too much away, the Christian Post shared hints Chrissy has given about what is to come with the new anticipated season. According to Metz, fans will finally learn exactly how beloved papa Jack Pearson passed away. Chrissy said, “You’re going to find out. There’s going to be closure. We’re going to see how Jack has passed away and how it’s all affected everyone.”

Season 2 will pick up right where the premiere season left off when Jack left after a big fight with Rebecca. Get the tissues ready, This is Us is known for bringing the tears and it is looking like the upcoming season will be no different.

This is Us is scheduled to premiere on NBC on September 26.

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