‘BB19’ Spoilers: Paul Abrahamian Worries About Week 5 Eviction, Will Jessica Use The Hex To Reset The Game?

BB19 spoilers reveal that Paul Abrahamian is feeling the pressure with the Halting Hex temptation in play. Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf aren’t worried about Paul winning the POV competition because she has the power to halt the eviction. Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Paul plans to sit down and chat with Jessica about her temptation. According to Online Big Brother, he wants to know if she has to be nominated to use the advantage. It sounded like he was considering taking Jessica off the block to remove the option of using the temptation.

The Halting Hex temptation rules said that she could halt any eviction. It appears that she could still save Cody if Paul took her off. However, that doesn’t mean using it is a smart game move.

“Whether on the block or not, the winning houseguest can halt any of the next four evictions.”

Big Brother 19 spoilers state that Paul plans on telling Jessica that saving Cody for another week of safety isn’t smart. At this point, no one wants her out of the Big Brother house. She gets along with almost everyone. The person that everyone wants out is Cody. Paul may even suggest that Big Brother legends like Rachel Reilly and Jordan Lloyd had to send their men out of the house to win the game.


Jessica told Cody on Saturday that she had to prepare her speech to use the hex. So, it looks like there will be no Big Brother eviction this week. Cody will stay and could win the head of the household challenge next week.

Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Jessica and Cody seem content right now. They know they cannot be voted out this week. The thing is, Jessica isn’t doing herself any favors by using the hex.

Cody will probably be evicted during Week 6’s eviction, giving her seven more days with him. Big Brother 19 spoilers suggest that Paul hopes he can convince her to change her mind about using the hex this week.


Big Brother 19 spoilers reveal that Paul wants to advise her to protect herself. He explained that she has two options. She can use the hex and have Cody in the house seven more days and put a target on her back, or send him home and keep her safety advantage for another week. It’s not clear how Jessica will respond to Paul. The last time he tried to talk to her about her hex, he almost got into a fight with Cody.

Do you think Jessica should use her Halting Hex temptation this week? If she doesn’t use her hex, she has until August 10 to use it, or it will expire. Share your opinion in the comments section below. Don’t forget to come back later for more Big Brother 19 spoilers, news, and live feed updates.

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