Anthony Scaramucci ‘Sopranos’ Likeness Emerges — Accused Of Feeding ‘Thug’ Stereotype

It didn’t take long for Anthony Scaramucci to make a name for himself and emerge as a favorite topic around the water coolers of the nation. He’s only been part of the Trump administration for a week and the man is already making viral headline news. It also didn’t take long for a comparison to the Sopranos to pop-up as Scaramucci’s behaviors have conjured up visions of Tony Soprano and his crew for social media users across the nation.

Many folks are speaking out today about how Scaramucci’s personality tends to mirror a few of the characters of the popular HBO show, including a writer from a popular news source who let her thoughts be known. In an open letter to Mr. Scaramucci, Linda Stasi from the New York Daily News is blasting the new White House Communications Director for calling himself a “proud Italian” then going on to demonstrate the “bigoted stereotype about Italians as thugs, goons, and enforcers.”

Stasi made the comparison between Scaramucci and the show’s main character, Tony Soprano, in her open letter to Anthony Scaramucci. It had a sarcastic flare, but it did touch on things that many of the social media sites have brought up about one of the newest additions to Trump’s administration.

Stasi’s descriptions of the new communications director’s behavior that she used for comparisons were laced with sarcasm. Despite the sarcasm, she sounded as if she was making a very serious point. Stassi starts off by offering up a critique of Scaramucci’s first week on the job, going over all that he has lost within that seven-day timeline. Stasi wrote the following.

“One week on the job and you lost your cool and your dignity. Then you lost your wife of three years, which begs the question: What took her so long?”


The folks on social media did not miss the chance to morph Scaramucci with some of their favorite characters and scenes from the HBO iconic show the Sopranos. Many cited the different characters whose personalities fit the new communications director to the tee, according to the Internet world. From “Artie Bucco” to “Christopher,” people saw a Scaramucci resemblance in a few Sopranos characters.

When it came to Stasi’s letter in the New York Daily News, there was no mistaking the anger between the lines. The foundation of that ire appears to be Scaramucci bringing embarrassment down on Italian-Americans, which is something she mentions a few times in her letter. Stasi requested that Scaramucci stop anointing himself as a “proud Italian,” stating, “You can’t be proud as you bring shame on the rest of us actual proud Italians.”


Scaramucci’s first week played out on “the world’s stage,” but according to Stasi, if this were truly a theatrical presentation there was one thing missing. That was the pre-performance announcement. Stasi suggests that should be, “And tonight, the part of White House communications director will be played by Tony Soprano.”

She suggested that Scaramucci “single-handedly” gave the country a “ridiculous caricature” of a stereotyped minority by “turning the White House into The Jersey Shore.” Stasi gave the communications director credit for causing three iconic publications, The New Yorker, The New York Times and the Washington Post, to do something they’ve never done before while reporting on him. Scaramucci caused them “to break with tradition and actually print the forbidden “F” word.”

Unless you are in the Antarctic floating along on an iceberg, you’ve probably heard about the Scaramucci rant that has caused jaws around the globe to drop. In case you haven’t, the new communications director for the White House was reported to have placed a call to a writer at the New Yorker Magazine and said the following.

“I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own c- -k. I’m not trying to build my own brand off the f- -king strength of the president. I’m here to serve the country.” He then said he wanted to “f- -king kill all the leakers.”

Stasi once again critiques his first week on the job by writing how Scaramucci “failed not just his wife, the Italian-American people, but all the American people.” She gives him credit for someone who “CAN fail all of the people all of the time.” She then makes a suggestion that he might want to send Big Pussy in to “effing clip all the effing leakers.” Big Pussy was another Sopranos character who was in Tony Soprano’s crew.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]