Scaramucci’s Wife Files For Divorce After His ‘Ruthless Quest’ To Get In With Trump?

The name Anthony Scaramucci was not commonplace a week ago and today it is saturating the headlines. The new White House communications director has taken the nation by storm. This was Scaramucci’s first week at the White House and he hit the ground running, swinging, and shouting, according to the many reports on his overwhelming ambition. He was Trump’s pick to help clean up the White House by stopping the leaks.

Deidre Ball, Scaramucci’s wife, has filed for divorce as the “insane world” of Washington is not her cup of tea, according to the Washington Examiner. The couple has two children together, but Ball has decided the life she lives on Long Island is not worth trading for a place among the crowd in Washington, according to reports.

Page Six reports that Deidre is Scaramucci’s second wife. Many of the comments coming from the social media sites are chastising Scaramucci over his recent vulgar-laced interview with a writer from the New Yorker, and now comments about his divorce are trickling in. One social media user suggests Scaramucci take a good look at the many short careers in Trump’s administration so far.

Another social media user also suggested it could easily be him next to get the boot, now that the White House communications director pretty much rearranged his entire life, including his marriage, for this new position.

According to the Washington Examiner, Ball is leaving Scaramucci over his “Trump support.” While Scaramucci soaks up the headlines across the nation today, he apparently got wind that his divorce has now made headline news and he sent out a tweet, which is seen below.

Now that news of his divorce has been leaked to the masses, is Scaramucci getting proactive by demanding “Leave civilians out of this”? Scaramucci conveys that he can take “the hits,” but that is where it stops.

If you check out Scaramucci’s Twitter account, you can see that it is dedicated to everything Trump. From pictures of him on Air Force One to pictures of things that have his name in print affiliated with the White House, his Twitter page looks like a presidential scrap book. To say that Scaramucci is thrilled to be in his new position would probably be an understatement, suggests another social media user. Seeing his name on the “Welcome Aboard Air Force One” paper “never gets old,” the new White House communications director tweeted, which is seen below.

Page Six first reported Ball filing for divorce after an alleged friend of Scaramucci’s mentioned it to a reporter. According to the report, his wife conveyed that it is his “naked political ambition” that has brought her to this place. Ball is filing for divorce after three years of marriage. Reports also indicate that Scaramucci’s “ruthless quest” to get close to Trump has ended their marriage. Apparently, she makes no bones about not being a Trump supporter.

Scaramucci rearranged his life, starting at the beginning of the year, in preparation for a place in the White House. According to Page Six, he sold SkyBridge Capital, his business, back in January getting ready for the day he’d take his place in Trump’s White House.

Scaramucci has not been wearing his wedding ring, which was a visible indication that something was amiss, although it was not something he has mentioned publicly. With all the dust he stirred up in Washington this week, it was just a matter of time before someone discovered that his infatuation with Trump and politics has come between his marriage.

Page Six talked with a friend of Scaramucci’s and learned that he is very focused right now on his kids and his work for President Trump, which ultimately boils down to serving the people. The friend went on to say, “I don’t know who Deidre thought she was marrying but anyone who knows Anthony knows he’s an ambitious man.”

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