WWE Rumors: Kurt Angle’s Next Feud Is In Place, And It Isn’t Anyone You Expected

There have been a lot of rumors swirling around regarding Kurt Angle returning to the ring to wrestle again, but has his first WWE opponent now been determined? There has been speculation that he would face off against Triple H and a few others, but nothing has come of those whispers at all. With the recent revelation that Jason Jordan is the Monday Night Raw General Manager’s “son,” it now seems as if his next feud is about to take shape.

According to Sportskeeda, it is no longer a rumor, but they know that Kurt Angle’s next feud is going to be against none other than The Miz. While the groundwork is going to start being laid for it this week on Monday Night Raw, things are really going to pick up after SummerSlam.

The official website of WWE is reporting that there will be a special edition of “Miz TV” with Jason Jordan as the guest. This is when the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion will speak about moving to Team Red and being revealed as the son of a future WWE Hall of Famer.

A couple of weeks ago, Kurt Angle revealed that Jason Jordan is his long lost son and that the former member of American Alpha was moving to Monday Night Raw. That is actually what will bring this whole feud about.

wwe rumors kurt angle next feud the miz summerslam daniel bryan
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According to Sportskeeda, the feud between The Miz and Kurt Angle is going to be similar to one that happened on SmackDown Live earlier this year. While still a member of Team Blue, The Miz feuded with General Manager Daniel Bryan, which really turned a lot of heads and was actually one of the best programs in all of WWE.

Unfortunately, it didn’t result in Bryan stepping back in the ring, but it was still entertaining. All fans know that medically, Bryan can’t wrestle at this time.

This rumored feud with Angle is going to be something like The Miz’s feud with Bryan, but it will bring about more action. Not only could The Miz starting a problem with Kurt Angle bring about one great series of matches, but it could result in numerous programs.

First of all, The Miz and Jason Jordan could feud over the Intercontinental Title, which would be a great program in itself. That could lead to The Miztourage taking Angle and Jordan in tag matches and maybe, lead into Angle vs. Miz in a singles match or two.

wwe rumors kurt angle next feud the miz summerslam daniel bryan
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Before too long, though, The Miz is going to call out Kurt Angle on showing favoritism toward his son.

Sportskeeda reports that Jason Jordan is likely going to challenge The Miz for the Intercontinental Title at SummerSlam during this week’s Monday Night Raw. While this needs to be taken as a rumor for now as WWE can always change their plans, it does seem logical and things could get started in just a couple of days. The Miz is a solidified star in the company and having him feud with Kurt Angle is only going to make for entertaining television.

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