‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Paul Abrahamian Nominations Take Shape, Elena Davies Loses It On ‘BB19’ Live Feeds

Big Brother 19 spoilers from late Thursday (July 27) include the HOH nominations from Paul Abrahamian taking shape and Elena Davies losing her cool on the live feeds. The BB19 house is going through a bit of an upheaval after what took place during the eviction episode. The CBS live feeds turned back on at roughly 8 p.m. PT, revealing that a lot of drama is already playing out among the remaining 12 contestants.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ramses Soto was evicted by a 7-3 vote, joining Dominique Cooper, Jillian Parker, Cameron Heard, and Megan Lowder on the outside of the game. It has been hypothesized in some recent Big Brother 19 rumors that one more person will get evicted before the jury starts forming. That would mean a jury of nine people to decide who wins the $500,000 prize this summer.

Paul Abrahamian won the Head of Household but was also told by Jessica Graf that she possesses the Halting Hex temptation. Paul has two choices to go with during the Week 5 Nomination Ceremony. Paul can decide to nominate Jessica and Cody Nickson in the hopes of flushing out the Halting Hex or he could set his sights on someone else. It is that second option that has several of the houseguests very worried on the live feeds.

Jessica Graf wants the Week 5 nominees to be Jason Dent and Alex Ow, hoping that this is what Paul Abrahamian goes with at the Nomination Ceremony. Meanwhile, Paul and Alex were having a conversation of their own, where he stated that he would “call their bluff” on the temptation. All the houseguests have to go off of, so far, is what Jessica is telling them about the Halting Hex. She has stated that it will save Cody and herself but has left a lot of the rest up to assumptions and debate.

Meanwhile, Mark Jansen is very confident that he won’t get nominated and equally sure that it means that Elena Davies is safe. Mark feels that way because he thinks he is very close with Paul. That has created a situation where Mark, Cody, and Jessica are all bashing Josh Martinez, with the trio feeling sure that Paul is about to target Josh for eviction. What Cody and Jessica don’t know is that Mark and Elena were passing information to Paul about the temptation, adding fuel to his assumption that Jessica lied about its power.

Additional Big Brother 19 spoilers that took place on the live feeds included Elena Davies reacting very negatively to the eviction of Ramses Soto. Elena started going around the BB19 house, taking things that didn’t belong to her, finishing off food she knew other people would want, and even hiding food in the pantry. Elena also told Jessica that she would be lying to everyone from “the other side of the house” and refusing any food that they might offer her in the kitchen. To top it off she took on the mission of making other people uncomfortable around her.

The drama with Elena is going to continue playing out on the BB19 live feeds, though she has started to calm down a bit. If Elena starts to suspect that she might get nominated, though, she could start getting agitated again. Mark was also having a very difficult time when he tried to get Elena to cool off, possibly seeing the meaner side to his showmance partner.

That brings everything to the exact plans that Paul Abrahamian has when it comes to the Week 5 nominations. Paul plans to nominate Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, but to also have Mark Jansen and Elena Davies as his backup plan. Paul is unsure as to whether Jessica and Cody can even be nominated after the way she presented the Halting Hex rules, so he may have some questions for production in the Diary Room when it comes time for the Nomination Ceremony. Those answers could dictate the direction he takes and provide more Big Brother 19 spoilers this weekend.

Cody made a sales pitch to Paul following the revelation of his second Head of Household room, stating that Mark was very loyal to Paul. Mark had tried to talk about the game with Paul a bit earlier but got rebuffed in his efforts. Paul then had a conversation with Raven Walton and Matt Clines about his eviction plans, setting in motion what might come up next for the BB19 house. The cast is quite split now, with four on one side, seven on the other side, and Josh Martinez just hanging out in the middle.

Production may have to address the Halting Hex temptation before it gets used, as a lot of fans on social media are frustrated that Jessica Graf has been lying about its powers. Conspiracy theorists might predict that information will be given to Paul Abrahamian during a future Diary Room session where he will learn what he can do with his nominations. Could it turn the entire BB19 cast against Jessica? Strap in fans, because it’s going to be an exciting 48 hours in the house, with the nominations and Veto results becoming the anticipated Big Brother 19 spoilers.

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