‘Big Brother 19’ Recap: Spoilers From July 27 Episode Include Who Went Home Tonight, Who Is The New HOH?

This Big Brother 19 recap has spoilers from the July 27 episode that provided a lot of new information for fans of the CBS show. Another houseguest was set to get evicted and fans across the country wanted to know who would go home next. By the end of the night, fans would also know who the next Head of Household is in the game. This Episode 15 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Thursday, July 27, at 9 p.m. PT/ET.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jessica Graf won the Power of Veto, but then she decided to keep Josh Martinez and Ramses Soto as the two nominees for eviction. Due to what was taking place behind the scenes, though, it looked like the BB19 cast might be split on who they wanted to send out the door on eviction night. The July 27 episode let CBS viewers know whether Jessica had made the right move or not.

The July 27 Big Brother 19 episode began with host Julie Chen welcoming the audience and then production providing highlights from recent episodes. Then it was time to show Paul Abrahamian working his magic behind the scenes in order to turn people against not just Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, but also the showmance of Mark Jansen and Elena Davies.

Paul took the partial information he got from and learned about from Mark, and worked at turning Raven Walton and Matt Clines against Mark. It may have worked. Mark, Elena, Jessica, and Cody were indeed conspiring against Raven and Matt, though, so there was a lot of truth to the presentation that Paul made.

Following a commercial break, it was shown that Jessica Graf told Kevin Schlehuber about her Halting Hex temptation, and later Kevin returned the informational favor by telling Jessica that the house was about to flip the vote. Jessica went back to Cody Nickson with the information and started to realize that Ramses Soto could be going home this week instead of Josh Martinez. This information has been known to live feed viewers for a while, but none of these Big Brother 19 spoilers had been revealed on CBS until now.

Jessica and Cody became very paranoid and were shown going around the BB19 house, meeting with each possible voter to find out whether or not they were still going with “the original plan” to evict Josh Martinez. The end result was that Jessica still felt that it was going to be a unanimous eviction and that nobody would be siding with Josh at this point of the game. Though it wasn’t shown during the episode, a previous report by the Inquisitr, found here, showed what Josh did during the eviction day to stir up the house.

The eviction vote came after the third commercial break, with the BB19 cast deciding whether Ramses Soto or Josh Martinez would get evicted next. Cody Nickson was up first and she voted against Josh. Jason Dent voted next and he placed a vote against Ramses. Then, in order, Alex Ow voted against Ramses, Mark Jansen voted against Josh, Elena Davies voted against Josh, and Kevin Schlehuber voted against Ramses. That made it a 3-3 tie with just four votes left to cast.

Matt Clines voted against Ramses, Raven Walton voted against Ramses, Christmas Abbott voted against Ramses, and Paul Abrahamian finished off the voting by also going against Ramses. By a vote of 7-3, Ramses Soto became the fifth evicted houseguest of the season. That doesn’t take into account the Battle Back Competition that was a large part of the Big Brother 19 season, but the eviction results certainly led to a lot of immediate drama.

The Head of Household Competition was based on memory, with questions based on images that had been shown on the walls inside the BB19 house on Wednesday, July 26. Elena Davies missed the first question. Mark Jansen, Alex Ow, Cody Nickson, Kevin Schlehuber, and Josh Josh Martinez all missed the second question. Christmas Abbott and Jason Dent were the next two to be eliminated on question five. When Raven Walton and Matt Clines missed the very next question, Paul Abrahamian became the Week 5 Head of Household.

Host Julie Chen teased the audience about finally revealing that the curse for the latest temptation would be revealed. Then, while speaking with the BB19 cast, Jessica Graf let everyone know that she had the Halting Hex to keep herself and Cody Nickson safe. The curse is that there is a temptation contest during the next week, with the winner being safe from eviction and the last place finisher becoming the third nominee. Each houseguest is given the choice on whether or not to participate though.

That brings an end to the July 27 episode recap, but the live feeds are going to be packed with Big Brother 19 spoilers this weekend.

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