Trump Cartoon Show On Its Way To TV Thanks To Stephen Colbert

Donald Trump critic and late night show host Stephen Colbert will produce an animated TV satirical series about the controversial president.

Colbert will be the executive producer of the upcoming Trump cartoon show which will be aired over Showtime, a subsidiary of CBS, which is the same network that airs The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The Trump cartoon show will be made up of a total of 10 episodes with each one airing for half an hour. Huffington Post said that the animated show will likely “turn around episodes pretty quickly” to keep up with current events.

The TV show will not only feature Trump but also people connected to him. According to a report by The Guardian, the Showtime series will include cartoon versions of Trump’s inner circle including the Trump family and key members of his administration. The animated series will also feature “anyone else straying into his orbit,” as mentioned by Showtime.

The Trump cartoon show is based on the animated segment featured in Colbert’s coverage of the recent presidential election. The live coverage was also shown on Showtime. The cartoon version of Trump used in the opening segment has since made some appearances in Colbert’s late night show.

Colbert will be teaming up with Chris Licht for the project. Licht is the showrunner for Colbert’s talk show program. The lead animator will be Tim Luecke, the same person who co-created the animated version of Trump used by Colbert in his show. Luecke will also act as co-executive producer of the Trump cartoon show.

Colbert is no stranger to criticizing Trump. He’s also not immune from criticisms and has, in fact, received quite a backlash from Trump fans. A number of Trump supporters campaigned last May to have Colbert fired from his late night talk show. This was after Colbert insinuated that Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin had a special kind of relationship.

Despite the controversies, the show has seen a surge among its share of TV viewers. This is likely due to Colbert’s anti-Trump sentiments.

Colbert and others behind the Trump cartoon show, which has been described as a “work place comedy,” has yet to come up with a title for the animated series. It is scheduled to premiere this fall.

[Featured Image by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images]