Dylan Redwine: 13-Year-Old Allegedly Killed After Finding Photos Of Dad Wearing Diapers, Eating His Own Feces

Mark Redwine, the Colorado man who allegedly murdered his 13-year-old son, Dylan Redwine, five years ago, “erupted in rage” when the young boy found compromising and embarrassing photos of his father, the New York Daily News is reporting. Those photos included pictures of Mark wearing a diaper and eating his own feces, among other compromising scenes.

Dylan went missing in November of 2012 when he failed to show up at a friend’s house when he said he would. As the Daily News reported at the time, Dylan was at his father’s home on a court-mandated visit — a visit he did not want to go on. At the time, Dylan’s mother, Elaine Hall, and Mark Redwine were in a “heated custody battle” over the boy. What’s more, at their previous meeting prior to his disappearance, Dylan and his father had had some sort of an argument.

Police later found Dylan’s blood throughout Mark’s living room, including on the furniture and on and under a rug. A police cadaver dog also picked up the scent of a cadaver in Mark’s home, on his clothes, and in Mark’s pickup truck.

Why Mark wasn’t arrested at the time remains unclear.

Some of Dylan’s remains were found by hikers in 2013; his head was found at a separate location two years later.

This week, Mark, now 55 and working as a truck driver, was arrested in Washington state and charged with second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death.

According to an indictment released this week, Mark Redwine “flew into a rage” when Dylan and his younger brother, Cody, found compromising photos of their father. As KMGH-TV (Denver) reports, those photos included Mark dressed in women’s underwear and diapers, and in at least one instance, says Cory, Mark was eating his own feces out of a diaper.

“It was disgusting. We couldn’t believe it.”

Mark, for his part, always maintained his innocence, stating that he believed Dylan had been abducted on the way to his friend’s house. He even went on Dr. Phil to profess his innocence before a national TV audience.

Even Dr. Phil found Redwine’s story implausible and even urged him to take a polygraph test, which he refused to do.

Redwine is jailed on a $1 million cash-only bond.

[Featured Image by La Plata County Sheriff’s Office]