‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Gabi Is Heartbroken When Chad Professes His Love For Abigail

Days of Our Lives fans have watched the sordid love triangle of Chad, Abigail, and Gabi for a long time. It only became more complicated when Dario entered the equation. As the situation becomes more intense for Dario, now being looked at by the FBI and negotiating entry into witness protection, his desperation to keep Abigail as his wife grows. He doesn’t care if Abigail loves someone else, as long as he has her as his wife.

The following contains spoilers for Days of Our Lives. If you want to be surprised as the storyline unfolds, stop reading now.

Ron Carlivati’s scripts just started airing on July 19. He had promised a Chabby reunion on Days of Our Lives and is wasting no time making it happen. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, next week things will take a scary turn as Dario tries to kill Chad. Abigail, without a second thought, jumps in to push Chad to safety and putting herself in front of a speeding car.

Abigail is transported to the hospital and undergoes emergency surgery for her injuries. Jennifer, JJ, and Chad gather by her side, praying that she will recover. After having mourned Abigail when she faked her own death, facing the possibility of losing her a second time, and permanently, causes an emotional outburst by Chad. He settles down and vows to see Abigail through this.

Gabi has always been jealous of Abigail. Deep down she knew that Abigail was Chad’s first choice. Even knowing this, she began a relationship with Chad while on the island. Since returning to Salem, there have been many incidents that left Gabi feeling as if she was the second choice, no matter how much Chad reassured her.


Abigail finally stabilizes and the doctors feel better about her recovering from her injuries on Days of Our Lives. Chad feels the need to bare his soul to his ex and tearfully enters her room. Gabi eavesdrops on what he says to Abigail and realizes it is over for her and Chad. His love for Abigail is much stronger than she ever imagined. He wants his wife back and to have his family reunited.


Gabi will be dealing with her heartbreak in the upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives. With her ex-boyfriend reuniting with her best friend, she will feel very alone and need a shoulder to lean on. Could JJ be the one that is there for her? Are you happy that the Chabby reunion is coming and the love triangle is finally over? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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