Kate Hudson Trades Her Golden Locks For A Buzz Cut For A Movie With Sia, Remains As Beautiful As Ever

Kate Hudson surprised many after she was spotted without her gorgeous golden locks after trading it for a buzz cut for a role in a musical project with Sia.

The How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days star looked so different with her buzz cut when she was spotted on the set of her new movie in Los Angeles on Tuesday, TMZ reported. According to the outlet, the actress and mother of two “pulled a G.I. Jane” by shaving off all of her golden locks but remained as beautiful as ever as the look appears to be reestablishing a trend with Hollywood superstars.

Aside from Kate, other actresses have already traded their full head of mane for a buzz cut if only to prove that they gave given a particular role their all. Among these actresses are Milly Bobby Brown who played Eleven in Netflix’s breakout hit series Stranger Things as well as several others including Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart.

According to Hollywood Life,buzz cut in women became a trend when Demi Moore made it the popular look while playing the iconic G.I. Jane. While it was an unusual look, the A-List actress appeared even lovelier than ever.

For her part, Kate Hudson’s buzz cut looked quite stunning as she prepares for a role in Sia’s mysterious musical project. The 41-year-old singer even shared a sneak peek of said project featuring the 38-year-old actress.

Earlier this month, Sia and Kate were spotted in Los Angeles together as the diva behind the famed song “Chandelier” went unnoticed because she ditched her wig. In fact, Entertainment Tonight described her to be plain-looking while sporting minimal makeup and an all-black attire.

According to the outlet, the singer was unrecognizable at the time because people were used to seeing her with massive wigs and elaborate costumes—an appearance she maintains whenever she performs.

Meanwhile, very little information has been made public about Sia’s project with Kate Hudson although a recent Instagram post from the actress revealed that they would also be working with Sia’s tour mate, Maddie Ziegler.

Dance rehearsal with this bundle of excellence! ????❤️ @maddieziegler

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Maddie, who made a name after her infamous dance moves in the music video for “Chandelier,” described the singer as someone with “a beautiful, loving, caring face” when asked by The Insider what the mysterious diva looked like.

“People are always like, ‘Is she pretty? Is she ugly?’ I’m like, ‘She’s gorgeous and it’s not just on the outside, but on the inside too.'”

As far as we can tell, Kate’s new project with Sia and Maddie has definitely piqued the interest of many fans as the trio remain mum about it.

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[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]