Todd Chrisley Speaks Out Against Rumors About His Marriage With Julie, Being Gay

There have been rumors flying that Todd and Julie Chrisley have issues with their marriage. The couple was quiet about these rumors until now. During a Facebook Live today with Todd and Savannah Chrisley, Todd addressed those rumors head on. They were talking about Savannah’s clothing line when Todd changed his tune really quick to talk about the rumors.

A fan named Stacy asked about these rumors in the live chat. The person told Todd that they heard that he isn’t even with his wife and they wanted to know why he would fake it and have another show. Earlier in the chat, Todd shared that they have more shows coming, but didn’t give out all of the details just yet.

Todd says that it is “bulls**t” and he goes on to tell her she needs to stop reading the trashy news. He goes on to explain that a good thing for them is that their name generates clicks, but that is also a bad thing when it comes to rumors like this one. Savannah even yells at Julie asking her if she loves dad and she says “yes.” The next thing you know they call Julie in there.

Next Julie says, “I was with you last night.” Todd says that he is giving the update now. It sounds like he is really happy to be able to clear the air about these rumors. The Inquisitr shared the news recently about the rumors about Todd and Julie. A source had shared that they were still married, but were living separate lives. The source said that they act totally different when the cameras aren’t rolling. Julie and Todd are shooting down these rumors now with this Facebook Live video.

Todd said that when they started this business, they had no idea that people would lie about them in writing. He even said that family and people who you consider friends will do it to you sometimes. Todd said he isn’t gay also and lives his life very open.

What do you think of the rumors that Todd and Julie Chrisley had problems in their marriage? Do you feel like they are a great couple? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss Chrisley Knows Best when it returns to Bravo in September.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]