Tinsley Mortimer Slams Sonja Morgan Over Article: How Are These Two Doing Now?

Tinsley Mortimer joined the cast of The Real Housewives of New York this season, and she decided to join the cast at the same time she moved into Sonja Morgan’s townhouse. At the time, Tinsley revealed she wanted to start over, as she had been arrested and had her mugshot all over the press. Mortimer was embarrassed and she was mortified. Despite really wanting to start over, she didn’t know where she wanted to move or what she wanted to do. Tinsley took her time in finding an apartment, and she thought she was fine living with Sonja.

Needless to say, Tinsley was shocked when an article hit the press accusing her of being ungrateful for Sonja’s open-door policy. Mortimer had been living with Sonja for months at this point, and many people were surprised that Tinsley took her time to find a new place. However, after learning about the article, Mortimer may move fast when it comes to finding a new place. According to a new Bravo report, Tinsley Mortimer is now speaking out about how she first accused Ramona of planting the article. She was surprised to learn that it was indeed Sonja who had been responsible for slamming her in the press.

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“Clearly, Sonja was the source of this garbage, whether she told Page Six herself or had someone else do it. At the time, I thought Ramona had done this for Sonja since I heard these exact words out of Ramona’s mouth recently. Knowing how much these two enjoy their sneaky shenanigans, I am completely convinced the source was these two. Sonja knows how sensitive I am about bad press, having received my fair share the past year, so this egregious act of betrayal really upsets me,” Tinsley wrote on her Bravo blog.

On her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New York, Tinsley Mortimer reveals that she thinks that Sonja and Ramona Singer worked together to plan the story. While Sonja may have been talking about her dislike for Tinsley living at her home, Ramona may be the one who took the story to the press.

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So, how are these two doing now? Tinsley Mortimer ends her blog post with the hope that things get better, but on The Real Housewives of New York, Mortimer is ready to leave the townhouse behind in favor for a hotel room. One can imagine she will move out, and their friendship may be affected by this situation. Clearly, Mortimer isn’t happy about the way her name is being put in the press.

What do you think of Tinsley Mortimer’s comments about the story being planted? Are you surprised that she’s being so vocal about the article now?

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