Kim Kardashian Instagram Fans Shocked By Nearly Nude Skirt Topped By Bra: ‘Oh, God, U Didn’t Wear Anything’

Kim Kardashian knows how to dress to impress but as far as her Instagram fans are concerned, she wasn’t exactly a success when it came to her decision to wear a nearly nude, supremely sheer skirt topped by just a teeny tiny bra. Kardashian turned heads at the party where she sported her unusual outfit as well as on Instagram. And as usual, some of Kim’s fans didn’t hesitate to inform her exactly how they felt, particularly with regard to her uber-sheer skirt and lingerie combination.

One fan apparently felt that Kardashian might as well have gone nude instead of slipping into that nearly naked skirt and bra.

“Oh God, u didn’t wear anything!”

But Kim has some loyal fans as well who took the time to admire the outfit, with praise such as “beautiful, amazing, and lovely” woven into their comments on Kardashian’s Instagram photos of her skirt and bra.

Others combined compliments with candor. One of Kim’s followers contended that she looked like a Barbie doll.

“Very beautiful!!! Look like a life size Barbie,” wrote the fan.

As for the origin of the sexy skirt part of Kardashian’s outfit, Kim opted for a friend who just happens to be a world-famed designer. PopSugar termed Kardashian’s skirt one of “the sexiest couture pieces imaginable,” noting that the occasion on which Kim wore the outfit was for Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing to celebrate his collaboration with Beats By Dre.

Balmain Nights in LA

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Kardashian’s elaborately embellished, sheer and slitted skirt is from Rousteing’s collection, featuring a grid pattern composed by what appears to be pounds of crystals. And with all those crystals, who needs a shirt? Kim skipped the shirt and went with a classic white bra, putting the nearly nude skirt and her legs on center stage.

That tiny white bra top, however, caused Kardashian more preparation problems than the sheer skirt, she confessed. Kim encountered what she termed a “fashion emergency” as a result of the skirt that caused her to run late for the designer celebration.

It was a big night for Olivier Rousteing, a friend of Kim’s who is famed as the creative director behind Balmain, an uber-chic and popular French fashion house. Kardashian is even sometimes known as Rousteing’s muse. But that didn’t stop Kim from finding herself running late to the elaborate opening of Balmain’s Los Angeles store, noted Fox News.

Kardashian confessed on social media that she ran late for Rousteing’s celebratory event because she somehow managed to smear makeup on her teeny tiny white bra top. Kim turned to Snapchat to share her fashion emergency.

Kim Kardashian turns heads for her sheer style.
Kim Kardashian turns heads for her sheer style. [Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for TIME]

“Olivier, we’re on our way,” she said.

“We’re having a fashion emergency. Got makeup everywhere, s–t!”

Kim isn’t the only member of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians clan who has enjoyed the honor of being dressed by Rousteing. Kendall Jenner strutted the fashion runway for Balmain, while Kardashian’s little sister Kylie Jenner was chosen to model his Beats by Dre x Balmain headphones.

Rousteing revealed that he chose 19-year-old Kylie because she combines glamor with “darkness” and independence.

“She has that darkness, but also that glam… She’s strong, and she doesn’t care whether you like her or not,” said the designer.

But when it comes to playing favorites, Kris Jenner shared on Instagram that it’s Kim who Kris feels rocked the designer’s fashions.

However, while mama Jenner was impressed, some of Kris’ followers were not, sharing their criticism of Kim’s outfit.

“I’m confused about the top area,” wrote one Instagram commentator.

“Just looks so damn uncomfortable or… not real? Idk weird.”

Others also admitted that they were baffled by Kardashian’s decision to top the nearly nude skirt with just a bra top.

“I’m confused…..the skirt is cute. The top….thing?! What? Did she really roll up a wife beater?” asked one mystified follower.

Kim Kardashian flaunts her figure in a designer fashion.
Kim Kardashian flaunts her figure in a designer fashion. [Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for VIOLET GREY]

An artistic sketch showing Kardashian in what’s already become one of her most iconic outfits also fascinated fans. And just as with the photos portraying Kim in that uber-sheer skirt and bra, some of her followers had more criticism than praise.

“I love his sketches,” wrote Kim.

One fan was dubious about Kardashian’s understanding of art, however.

“@KimKardashian do you even know the meaning of the word sketch?”

Others, however, thought it was “awesome.”

I love his sketches @ponyy_boyy

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What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s nearly nude skirt and bra top? Did she rock a cutting-edge style or sport a fashion fail as well as suffer a fashion emergency? Post your comments below.

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