Making $40,000 Per Month Selling Waist Trainers: How 23-Year-Old Tatiana Buree Launched Her Amazon Business

It turns out selling waist trainers can be a pretty lucrative business. That’s what Tatiana Buree, owner of the Luxx Health Inc. brand, learned after deciding she would launch her own Amazon business and brand. Tatiana is the 23-year-old girlfriend of Stefan James, whose Project Life Mastery YouTube channel enjoys nearly 300,000 subscribers and more than 15 million total video views. In one of those very successful and viral videos, Tatiana and Stefan teamed up to explain how Tatiana launched her LuxxHealth business and grew it to $40,000 per month at such a young age. That video, which can be viewed below, has gotten more than 1.7 million views on YouTube.

Tatiana spoke of getting started on a part-time basis, and urged folks to not necessarily immediately quit their jobs without having a plan on how to build their online businesses first. Buree first started out selling the Konjac Sponge, but she eventually learned to perform even more market research and to sell higher-priced items with a better margin for better profits.

No matter what, Tatiana described only selling high-quality products that she believes in. That’s why Tatiana had a “eureka” moment when she realized she could sell the same waist trainers that she loved to wear, and realized that waist trainers were niche enough and popular enough to sell by the boatload. Eventually, Tatiana quit her full-time 9-to-5 job, with the warning that she works even more hours as an entrepreneur.

Tatiana did her due diligence in finding suppliers that could provide her with quality waist trainers – and only spent about $300 to get started in buying her first lot of trainers. She noted how it’s a possibility to barter with suppliers on getting a good deal when buying bulk, especially upon placing the critical first orders, to ensure the quality of the product is great, so that the word-of-mouth from customers will be great as well.

Although Tatiana first used Amazon’s huge marketplace in order to market her wares, she said that eventually she transitioned the bulk of the selling of her waist trainers on her own website. Tatiana also provides plenty of information to her customers to go along with the waist-training lifestyle, such as YouTube videos, and via social marketing platforms like Instagram.

[Featured Image by Billion Photos/Shutterstock]