Six Months Pregnant With Six-Pack Abs: Sarah Stage Collects Praise And Hate Once More On Instagram

Sarah Stage is a fitness guru who is used to getting plenty of heat on Instagram. As seen in the below photo of Stage that was posted to her Instagram account recently, Stage wrote that she was seeking only positive vibes as she rocked a metallic bikini from London Beach Swim. The kicker is that Stage wrote that she is six months pregnant – that’s 26 weeks into her pregnancy – with Sarah appearing more fit with six-pack abs than many women who aren’t pregnant at all.

As reported by People, this is Sarah’s second child, and the world got to know Stage when she went viral due to the other photo below from Instagram, when Sarah showed off her 9-month baby bump, on April 13, 2015. When Stage told her Instagram followers that she had only gained 20 pounds total during that pregnancy, she received plenty of hateful comments from folks accusing Sarah of starving her baby. Sarah later posted a photo of her healthy baby boy, who weighed 8.7 pounds at birth and was 22 inches long. In spite of all of the good news, Stage still has her haters. Sarah posted her recent sonogram photo, and folks have a bunch of theories they are posting beneath the ultrasound photo.

Positive vibes only ☺️ #unbothered ????????metallic bikini from @londonbeachswim ???? #6monthspregnant #26weeks

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People are accusing Sarah of using a Photoshop artist to alter her photos, with some people claiming that Sarah has faked her entire pregnancy. Others are defending Stage, claiming that they, too, gained only 15 to 20 pounds their entire pregnancies, and didn’t starve their babies.

Still waiting ????.. #9months

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In Sarah’s book, she writes about getting permission from her doctor in order to continue to workout through her pregnancies. Stage also wrote about not lifting weights that are too heavy for her when she feels she needs a break.

Despite all the photos that Stage posts, there are those that continue to comment on Instagram that Sarah is faking her fitness in order to build her business. Stage has been thanking those people who have been positive and uplifting during her pregnancies and fitness journey.

Whereas there are truly vile comments being written beneath some of Sarah’s photos, there are also plenty of positive comments from those wishing to be like Stage, and praying for another healthy, happy baby for Sarah.

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