Rob Parker ‘Suspended Until Further Notice’ Over RGIII ‘Black’ Comments

ESPN has reportedly suspended host Rob Parker “until further notice” for his comments questioning Robert Griffin III’s blackness.

ESPN also said that they are a conducting a full review of Parker’s comments.

On Thursday’s First Take,Parker said, “Is he a brother, or is he a cornball brother? He’s black, he kind of does his thing, but but he’s not really down with the cause; he’s not one of us.”

Parker also said that RGIII is rumored to be a Republican and brought up the fact that he is engaged to a white woman.

When a Twitter follower asked how Parker thought RGIII should act to “be more black,” Parker responded, “Bet u didn’t even see show. Typical and uneducated.”

A user responded, “If you have to make speculations to ‘prove’ a racist point, I believe YOU’RE the ‘uneducated’ one.”

When another follower tweeted, “Good luck in your next line of work,” Parker replied, “Typical silly response. Watch me on First Take tomorrow and Sat. #pleze”

Another user then responded, “If you’re on tomorrow, it’s because ESPN is afraid of a race-based lawsuit for firing you. #reality”

DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the NFL Players Association, responded to Parker’s comments, saying:

“Robert can certainly take care of himself. Nonetheless, I hope that our men and for that matter, my own kids, will never beg for authenticity from someone who can only talk about the things that other people have the courage to do. People need to be held accountable for the offensive things that they say.”

Do you think ESPN was right to suspend Parker? Do you agree with Smith’s comments?