Brock Lesnar In Big Trouble At UFC 200 Against Mark Hunt's Stand-Up Fighting, According to Dana White

Brock Lesnar is up against Mark Hunt, a vicious knockout artist, at UFC 200. UFC President Dana White doesn't fancy the WWE star's chances if the fight stays standing.

Lesnar is a strong wrestler with a brutal ground and pound. On the other hand, Mark Hunt is a kickboxing legend known for his walk-off knockouts that leave opponents unconscious.

In the first episode of the UFC Unfiltered podcast, Dana White discusses the Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt fight at UFC 200. White speaks on Hunt's improved takedown defense and his ability to knock out people that are not known to go down easy:

"He's a lot tougher to take down than he used to be and there's no doubt: If Brock doesn't get this thing to the ground; he's in for a bad night. He thought Alistair Overeem was a problem? Mark Hunt knocks guys out that have never been knocked out. He goes in there and knocks out Roy Nelson with one of those one-shot walk-away punches. Nobody does that to Roy Nelson."
Since announcing his return to the octagon, Brock Lesnar has acknowledged that he has to improve his striking ability. Former nemesis Frank Mir stated that he is betting on Mark Hunt to win since Lesnar does not like to be hit. He is referring to the WWE superstar's trouble absorbing strikes on the feet and defending them effectively.

Despite these issues, Brock Lesnar also has knockout power. In UFC 91 he knocked down Randy Couture for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. He went on to defend the belt twice by beating Frank Mir and Shane Carwin, who was undefeated at the time of their fight.

Mark Hunt is oldest veteran in the heavyweight division. Dana White once offered to buy him out of his contract. However, the Super Samoan was not having any of it.

"We were actually going to pay him to go away," White explained in the podcast, "No, I want to come in there and fight, I want to earn my money," White recalls Hunt responding. "Stud. Stud, what that guy has been able to do. And at his age too."

Dana White went on to express how much he respects Brock Lesnar for taking on Mark Hunt at UFC 200. The UFC president notes Lesnar's competitiveness and enthusiasm about getting back into the octagon:

"I think that guy has that competitive spirit in him," Mr. White said.

"He was a wrestler and obviously a lot of wrestlers migrate to the UFC. And he loves it. He's so pumped to be back here and he's so happy that Vince and the WWE let him do this. He's fired up. He's really excited for this fight. He just has that competitive spirit in him."
Some fans think Brock Lesnar is in big trouble taking on a guy like Mark Hunt after such a long break away from MMA. Other believe he may have to take time to train and prepare for his return. It is possible that Lesnar has improved in the striking department and will shock fans at UFC 200.

Mark Hunt opened as the betting favorite against Brock Lesnar. Therefore, a Brock Lesnar win would be an upset and could set up a possible return to the octagon after UFC 200.

There are many potential opponents in the stacked heavyweight roster. Who do you think wins the Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt co-main event at UFC 200? Leave your comment below.

[Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images]