Netflix Releases New Trailer For ‘Bright’ Movie Starring Will Smith

Netflix Releases New Bright Trailer Starring Will Smith

Netflix is continuing its growth into the original movie concept, as Will Smith is joining in the fun with the new Bright movie coming this December. To help celebrate, Netflix has released a new trailer for Bright at Comic-Con 2017. Is the world ready for this kind of story?

Bright stars Will Smith alongside Joel Edgerton, who plays an orc, in this cops and orcs thriller coming to Netflix. Orcs are fantasy creatures that just so happen to live in the tough, mean streets of Los Angeles. Smith plays an LAPD officer that gets a new partner, which happens to be an orc played by Edgerton. As an orc, Edgerton is trying to live his life like a normal human being, if that is even possible since he has a gruesome exterior. For his character, Edgerton said that he was playing “a conservative human being who doesn’t understand irony, wit, or any kind of humor.”

In the Bright trailer, we are introduced to what a “bright” actually is. It appears to be anyone that can control magic, which is normally done by human beings. However, don’t think that humans are the strongest in the land, which Will Smith explained at the movie’s panel at Comic-Con 2017.

“If a human being touched a magic wand, they would just obliterate themselves. You have to be trained in magic to actually handle it.”

Bright actually was a reunion of sorts for Will Smith, as he was brought back to work with Suicide Squad filmmaker David Ayer. With all these original movies coming to Netflix, they are not shy of investing money into some big-time thrillers. Ayer was not afraid of showing his love for making this movie for Netflix.

“It’s about a really f***ed up L.A., but our world is f***ed up. I was able to do my sh– here. I was really able to tell my f—ing story. I was able to do my thing.”

The movie also seems to hit on a serious subject as well — racism. However, it is not shown in a typical way, which Will Smith seemed to enjoy.

“[Joel’s] character is the first orc on the team, and I’m an African-American police officer who just found somebody else to be racist against. You never get to be on that side of racism when you’re black. ‘Look, man, I don’t want no orcs in my car!'”

See the trailer for Bright below.

Bright begins streaming on Netflix on December 22.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]