O.J. Simpson's Parole Bid Not Derailed By Cookie, Lewd Behavior

One day before O.J. Simpson is set to appear before a parole board to determine if he's eligible to be released from prison, stories have been circulating that his potential parole is in jeopardy because of his behavior behind bars.

On Thursday, July 20, the former NFL star will learn his fate but just hours before he is to appear via video in front of the Nevada Board of Parole, reports have been swirling that he may not be released because of some lewd behavior. Those reports, however, have since been debunked.

A story published by the Daily Mail claimed that Simpson was caught engaging in a lewd act in his cell by a female corrections officer last month. The report goes on to allege that he was written up for the incident. However, sources have told TMZ that the report is not true and released a statement to the media outlet regarding the matter.

"It is against Nevada Dept. of Corrections policy to release inmate disciplinary history to the public," the statement read. "It is also against policy to release inaccurate information. No official from our department would have released the information in question."

Another recent story involves a cookie and comes courtesy of former Lovelock Correctional Center guard Jeffrey Felix. He told USA Today that when Simpson first arrived at the facility, a fellow inmate stole cookies from a food preparation area where he worked. Felix said that the inmate then passed the treats out to Simpson and several others. Instead of waiting and retreating to his cell like the other inmates did, O.J. decided to eat his cookie at that moment and was caught by a corrections officer.

"Well, she wrote him up for having contraband," Felix explained. "So when I came back the next day for work, O.J. came to me and told me what happened. He said, 'I can't have a write up because I won't get my parole.'"

According to Felix, after he spoke to the officer who wrote him up and told her she would be known as the "Cookie Monster" if she didn't let the violation go, she tore it up.

By all other accounts, Simpson has a clean prison record, and many experts think he has a good chance of being released.

O.J. Simpson, trial of the century
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The Heisman Trophy winner has been incarcerated since 2008 after receiving a sentence of nine to 33 years for the armed robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers. His sentence came 13 years after a jury acquitted him of the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman.

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